Alternative Ways to Spend Easter

Alternative Ways to Spend Easter main

Easter is quietly sneaking its way around the proverbial corner, complete with all the usual holiday films, indulgent chocolate delights and, as if to add insult to the injury of neglected New Year’s resolutions, the opportunity to fail any number of lent observances for the faithfully inclined. Clearly this repetitive cycle of events is something most of us would like to avoid, so why not break the habit of a lifetime and take a look at what else is out there.

Visit Shaun the Sheep

Easter’s arrival also heralds all of the joys of spring with nature’s flora coming into bloom across the country, whilst across fields and barns alike young calves and lambs litter the landscape like drunken students. So why not pay a visit to somewhere like Sheringham Park in Norfolk or Wallington in Northumberland where you can take your turn bottle feeding some of those spritely young cloud-like lambs? You will feel good helping out, and you will have plenty of laughs and cuddles to last you days!

Online Casino Fun

If the great outdoors is not your thing, then why not be a little self-indulgent with a little online casino action. There are always some fantastic casino bonus offers to take advantage of, and sites such as will show you the way.

This is the perfect diversion if you’re just escaping the relatives for five minutes, bored with TV’s Easter specials or simply want to heighten the chocolate pleasure with a few pumps of adrenaline from a jackpot win.

Alternative Ways to Spend Easter jousting

Medieval Jousting

Stepping back in time could also be an interesting option, especially where medieval jousting is involved. The Easter weekend is the perfect time to experience the way things once were with all the splendour and regalia of the Knights of the Round Table, and the International Jousting Festival in Leeds sets the scene nicely. Taking place at the Royal Armouries and with teams from around the world competing, this is the perfect event for all sorts of medieval battle games and quite literally a break from the norm.

Quarry Bank & Bodiam Castle

On the other side of the UK the medieval theme continues, but this time in the more period style setting of Chester. Quarry Bank offers the opportunity to not only be a spectator of those long-gone lifestyles, but to take part in them too. Here all the family can experience exactly what it was like to skip school and take on an apprenticeship. Probably a nice reminder about how lucky one is to be around in 2019.

Further south in Bodiam Castle, near Hastings, the historical treats continue. Experts are ready to show you how to pick up a bow and (try) split an arrow a-la Robin Hood, just don’t be too disappointed if all you hit is the target.

Alternative Ways to Spend Easter stars

Coal Racing

If something with a little more brawn is your cup of tea, perhaps entering the 56th Wacky Coal Carrying Championship is something to try. This race takes place on Easter Monday in the Yorkshire town of Gawthorpe and involves carrying nearly 25kg of purest coal for a mile as fast as possible.

Men and women compete on an equal footing. Whilst winners are not usually awarded the bag of coal as part of their prize, all competitors can take solace that the coal was efficiently used to warm them up without polluting the atmosphere!

A Night Out With the Stars

Finally, one of the cheapest Easter nights is one spent stargazing, and there’s no need to let lack of equipment be a deterrent. The March and April nights are some of the best to see the night sky. Choosing a moonless night and enlisting the help of a free star-map app can make for a peaceful or romantic night out spotting planets and an array of sparkling constellations.

With any luck, there may even be a scattering of shimmering meteor showers caused by left over remnants of Haley’s comet. What better way to spend an Easter evening, and who says chocolate doesn’t have to be involved?


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