Hosting Christmas: How to Get Your House Christmas Ready

How to Get Your House Christmas Ready baubles

If you’re hosting Christmas this year and have started panicking about all of the friends and family that you need to accommodate for, then don’t! You are in the right place. We have all been there. There is so much that we need to prepare over the Christmas period that it becomes stressful rather than fun! But we are here to help you get organised and Christmas ready this December. So take the time to go through our hints and tips for getting your home ready for Christmas this year! You’ll be the host or hostess of the year by the end of it!

Get the pillows and throws out

It’s that time of year again. Everybody loves a festive pillow and fluffy blanket. It’s a really homely touch to add to your home during your Christmas preparations. So take a peek in the loft and start hauling out last year’s Christmas decorations ready to go through! Better yet you can go out and pick up a few new blankets and pillows to keep your guests warm! Make sure you make use of places like My Favourite Voucher Codes in order to make epic savings on your Christmas preparations.

Pick a colour scheme or theme and stick to it

One of the best ways to make your home look festive but not overdone is by picking a colour scheme or theme and sticking to it! If you use too many clashing colours then your home may end up looking a little bit overpowering. So make sure that you pick a colour scheme that you love. Some popular palettes include white and blue, red and gold or silver and pink!

How to Get Your House Christmas Ready tree

Get ready to put that tree up

Now we can’t forget this Christmas masterpiece. The mighty Christmas tree really is the ultimate statement piece for your home this December! Make sure that you pick something bold, striking and big enough to fit all of the presents under. Hosting Christmas can be tricky in terms of finding the space to put all of the presents, so making sure that you have a decent amount of room under the tree is imperative! It’s a great way of injecting a little bit of visual vibrancy and fun into your hosting game too. Gathering around the tree as a family really is the pinnacle of tradition. So make sure you get the tree up, ready and decorated early to save any last minute panics!

Accessorise your home

  • The tree is probably the major decorative part that your home will exhibit, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the rest of it look festive too! Make use of seasonal accessories to give your home that extra Christmassy feel! We know that you friends and family will be impressed:
  • Baubles: Invest in some baubles to go around your home! These little beauties don’t have to be just dangled on the tree. They can be strung around your home as well. Why not get some gorgeous glass baubles using voucher codes from Leekes to give your home that extra special aesthetic? Their range of elegant and dainty baubles will really add a feeling of glamour into your home this Christmastime.
  • Christmas mugs: If you are looking to incorporate some extra Christmas fun into your home then why not take a look at investing in some Christmas themed mugs or other crockery. This is a great way to add a bit more festivity into your home. Plus you can use them all again next year.
  • Reefs: Why not invest in a reef to welcome your guests to your home? This is a great way to help greet your guests before they have even come through the front door!

Get the good china ready

That’s right. It’s time to start getting out your good china again! Now for some reason a lot of our good china has the tendency to sit on the back of the cupboard and slowly gather dust throughout the year. It is really important that you get your fragile bits and pieces out early so that you can give them a good old scrub!

How to Get Your House Christmas Ready accessories

Clear out the guest bedrooms

If you are going to be hosting for a selection of people this Christmas then it is definitely worth getting those guest bedrooms ready. They may have been used as a walk in wardrobe for the rest of the year or they may have become a dumping ground for all of your old things. Either way it is time to start clearing the area ready for your Christmas guests. Here are a few things to do in preparation:

  • Make room for suitcases: Make sure there is enough room in your guest bedrooms for your guests and their luggage. No one wants to be shovelled into the smallest room in the house that is packed full of all of your old things!
  • Clear the wardrobe: Make sure that you make room in the wardrobe and draws in your spare room. Your guests will be very grateful if they have somewhere that they can unpack all of their stuff during their stay!
  • Wash the bedding: The beds in your guest rooms might not have been used in a very long time. Make sure that you give the bedding a good wash before letting your guests sleep in there.

Fill the cupboards with essential items

It’s shopping time! Make sure you stock your cupboards up with all of the essentials as well as little treats. The need for biscuits, wine and a turkey often renders the essential bits and bobs at risk of being forgotten. So don’t forget to fill the cupboards with tea, coffee, salt, pepper, toilet roll and washing up liquid!

Games, games, games

Make sure that you have enough in your home to keep the family occupied over the course of the Christmas period. There’s no point in only having two channels available on the TV and no games in the house! Buy some films, get the TV working and invest in some good old fashioned family board games!

There are a lot of things that you need to consider in the lead up to Christmas, especially if you are the one that is hosting Christmas. But hopefully this guide has given you a good idea of some of the things that are involved. So make sure that you get the pillows and throws out, pick a theme, get the tree up, accessorise your home and get the good china ready. It’s also worth clearing out the guest bedrooms, filling the cupboards with essential items and investing in a few board games! You’ll be hosting the best Christmas in years!


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