Giving the Gift of Yorkshire This Christmas

Giving the Gift of Yorkshire This Christmas main

Giving the Gift of Yorkshire This Christmas

Living in Yorkshire is something to be celebrated, with Christmas offering the chance to invite other people to join that celebration. Whether choosing a gift for your neighbour or for a relative at the other end of the country, selecting a present with a Yorkshire theme can mix that personal touch with trusted quality.

Food and drink

Yorkshire has given the world a selection of distinct flavours that can be shared as gifts. Yorkshire Tea is perhaps the one most associated with the county, with its memorable name and nationwide prevalence making it the tea of choice for many. Still, a tea lover is never going to be disappointed with opening a box of Yorkshire Tea.

However, there are more niche gifts for those wanting to show an alternative angle to Yorkshire cuisine. The popular luxury tea room Bettys give people all over the country the chance to recreate the illustrious café experience, offering teaware and crockery in addition to Yorkshire-inspired sweet treats.


The ability to choose a calendar that is carefully tailored to the recipient of the gift makes it a particularly heartfelt gesture, with that thoughtfulness resonating throughout the year. Yorkshire is a county that is blessed with picturesque locations and stunning landmarks, both of natural and architectural beauty. Using images taken from your surrounding area is an effective way of sharing the joys of home.

Creating your own calendar also allows you to show off the less famous sights of Yorkshire. Most people are familiar with the likes of York Minster and the Yorkshire Dales, but using your own images allows lesser-known areas to have their time to shine.

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A Yorkshire Day Out

Yorkshire boasts a wide selection of football clubs across the country’s top four divisions. Huddersfield Town claim the prestige of Premier League status, while there is a plethora of Yorkshire clubs with plenty to play for in the Championship. As winter takes hold, outdoor activities are often neglected. Football carries on regardless, so joining the warmth of a football crowd can be appealing both in sporting and social terms.

This may seem like a gift specifically targeted at football lovers, but Christmas can be the perfect opportunity to encourage someone to try a new experience. Of course, if someone is vocal in their dislike of football then this is best avoided, but a casual fan of the sport would likely be thrilled to receive a match ticket for their local side.

Yorkshire also homes a wide selection of breweries, so a brewery tour could be the ideal gift for an ale connoisseur. For something a bit more left-field, tickets for an alpaca tour in the Hambleton Hills of North Yorkshire will certainly suffice. The opportunity to walk with the South American animal in Yorkshire will be an incredible surprise for an animal lover, and it is likely to be someone’s most unlikely present that year.

The best gifts are those which satisfy the recipient’s tastes while reflecting the character of the giver. There may not be a white Christmas this year, but the White Rose of Yorkshire can provide the perfect theme for presents.


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