Christmas Toys Gift Guide 2016

christmas toys 2016

Christmas Toys

Gift Guide 2016

by Julia Paddon

With so much choice, where do you start?

How about here! Enjoy our Top Ten children’s gifts for this Christmas that won’t break the bank. We’ve selected long-lasting gifts that the little ones will love long after the festive period is over…

christmas toys

1. Budding Jonny Wilkinsons will adore this 3-in-1 Jungle Rugby set. Kids are encouraged to boot the ball between the posts as a game or as training and the whole thing doubles as a bright and colourful block stacker.
RRP £29.99 from Argos and Smyths.

2. Fabulous activity gym from Skip Hop with a whole host of stimulating accessories. Height adjustable, vibration option, music options, detachable pillows and eye tracker toys add up to a fun item that will also aid your child’s development.
RRP £90 from

Explore & More Amazing Arch Activity Gym (RRP £90)

This gym is bursting with dynamic friends, including a hooting owl, a musical hedgehog, a dancing fox and more! Position the arch overhead for new born exploration, and then bring it down for tummy time or to convert to a seated activity centre. Slip your phone in the parent pocket to record those special milestones or let grandma observe the action from afar! Baby will think he’s looking at a mirror– and not your camera– which means you’ll capture some truly amazing moments!

christmas toys

3. Turbo Trax lets kids builds their own race tracks before sending their own light-up, glowing car whizzing around. The additional bridge kit adds essential ups-and-downs to the thrill ride.
RRP £29.99 for Turbo Trax Pro and £9.99 for Bridge Kit from

4. A great introduction to the joys of craftmaking, Aquabeads are one of this Christmas’s biggest new toy hits. The beads join together with a simple spray of water, so there’s little mess, and the options for design are limitless. Not for under 4s because of the small beads.
RRP: £24.99 from John Lewis.

christmas toys

5. Kids of 7+ will love this slingshot K’NEX Thrill Rides Infinite Journey Roller Coaster. It’s over 2.5ft tall when complete and is a really fun challenge to build. Includes a motorised chain lift to take the cars to the top before they zoom down and round the loops. Great, creative, next generation fun!
RRP: £39.99 from

Christmas Toys Gift Guide 2016

6. This really cool active toy combines the aerial dynamics of a badminton shuttlecock with the skill and agility of street football. There’s one simple aim: Keep the UKick in the air as long as possible. Course, the activity is good for you – but it’s very easy to pick up and extremely addictive too.
RRP: £7.99 from Tesco and Amazon.

7. The Light ‘n’ Go Catchin’ Lights Tiger is ideal for new walkers or those toddlers who are fascinated by the vacuum cleaner (are there any who aren’t?). A beam of light shines fireflies from the tiger’s mouth allowing the little tiger pusher to clean them up as they push!
RRP: £19.99 from Little Tikes.

christmas toys

8. Teens will love these neat Wraps headphones. They take the teen craze for wrist-wrapping accessories to a new level by combining a wristband that other teen essential – a pair of headphones. Cools and practical.
RRP: From 19.99 from

9. This gorgeous Jungle Animal Skittle Set is beautifully crafted in wood and very tactile to touch. The skittles will double as toys once the kids have stopped taking aim.
RRP: £14.99 from

10. How can something so practical be so useful. Save iPad neck and back strain with this iBeani which simply rests on your child’s knee as they play on the device. Easily adjustable, versatile and very stylish!
RRP: £24.99 from

All prices and availability correct at the time of posting


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