Best Food Stocking Fillers for Christmas 2012

best christmas food

Best Food Stocking Fillers 2012

There was a time when an apple and an orange were de rigeur items as Christmas stocking fillers (and we don’t mean iPads and mobile phones either). Nowadays, Santa’s got a much more discerning foodie sack … Enjoy our essential stocking fillers for the family food fan.

best food stocking fillers xmas spicentice

left to right:
Boursin have a delicious new fig and nut variety of their classic soft cheese (£2.20 / supermarkets).
Heavenly Oil comes from rapeseed grown by a family of farmers in Northants. With a subtle, nutty taste it’s great for crispy roast potatoes and lots of other Christmas dinner essentials (£7.50 –
Spicy-sweet Moroccan fusion from Spicentice – and lots more flavours to choose from (£1.99 –
Chocolate Fish – hand-poured with swirls of the finest white, milk and dark organic chocolate – what’s not to like? (£12.50 –

best food stocking fillers xmas hey pesto

For the chocolate enthusiast that’s looking for their next hit, treat them to this ultimate indulgence box. Containing a jar of warming chilli hot chocolate and a bag of fresh chilli and milk chocolate covered almonds, this will certainly blow their socks off! (£13 –
Looking for something different than the usual standby gifts?  Why not buy them a South Devon Chilli Farm ‘One-Pot’ chilli growing kit, which is just the thing for potential chilli growers of the future.  Great price too. (£6 –
This pesto is a Great British version of an Italian classic, made with peppery watercress, British herbs and local, farm-made cheese. (£4.50 – JME Food).
The Ultimate Miniatures Collection? Check out the flavours: Sea Salted Caramel, Vanilla & Walnut, Belgian Chocolate Swirl, Classic Chocolate, Mocha Choca Latte, Chocolate Coconut, Raspberry and White Chocolate, Chocolate Orange & Chilli, Peanut Butter and After Dinner Mint (£20 –

best food stocking fillers crosta mollica biscuitsbest food stocking fillers peri nandosEach bottle of Nando’s Garlic, Medium and Hot PERi-PERi sauce comes with its own drizzler attachment for perfect table pouring any day of the week (£14 – Debenhams).

Authentic Italian baking and the very definition of ‘moreish’  with these Crosta & Mollica Torcetti biscuits (£1.75 –


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