5 Ways to Organise Your Home for Christmas

5 Ways to Organise Your Home for Christmas main

5 Ways to Organise Your Home for Christmas

With Christmas only a few weeks away you are no doubt already planning what needs to be done around the house. This is especially true if you have guests inbound, and you need to get things ready. The idea behind this post is to ensure you have a house sparkling with tinsel and oozing warmth when your guests arrive for Christmas.

Do you have Enough Space for your Guests?

One aspect you should look at and plan is where your guests are going to sleep and for longer stays how is everyone going to live. You probably have some coming for a few days to a week, possibly longer, while others may only come for Christmas Dinner.

If you feel you could do with a few extra feet to make your house that bit more spacious you may want to consider putting in a spiral staircase to free up some space. Though this may sound daunting a quick Google search for ready made stairs online UK returns plenty of choices.

You’ll notice that brands like Fontanot Shop offer staircase kits and these can be installed quickly. Once installed you’ll be surprised at the extra space you have and you’ll have a stylish staircase too.

The Exterior of your Home

Not many pay attention to the exterior of their homes but they should. This is the first thing guests see when they arrive and you know what they say about first impressions. To that end, make sure garden tools are put away, plant pots that just contain dirt are emptied, windows and doors, especially the front door are clean.

You may want to put up some lights or a Christmas wreath for good measure and to welcome your guests.

5 Ways to Organise Your Home for Christmas exterior

Declutter, Declutter and Declutter

Declutter the inside of your home as much as possible. If something is not going to be used until January then put it away until January. Go through the coat rack and remove summer coats as you won’t need those. Also, guests will have coats and you’ll need the room.

Make sure your shoe racks are similarly decluttered with a view to making them look more presentable and freeing up space for guests.

Once you have decluttered your coat and shoe racks, go around each room removing things you really don’t need for the time of year. You can always put them back once the Christmas madness is over.


Goes without saying really, but cleaning the interior of the home as well as the exterior of your home is essential. Once you’ve dusted, scrubbed, vacuumed, and cleaned, you’ll feel a lot better, everything will look a lot better, and you’ll be in a good place to welcome your guests and apply the finishing touches.

Freshen, Throws, Rugs, and Decorations

Once you’ve reached this point you’re almost done. Wash your throws and make sure your rugs are clean. Maybe a trip to the dry cleaners is in order, and as you’re in the mood change your curtains and get them professionally cleaned.

Once your throws, rugs, and curtains are presentable put up your Christmas decorations. Once done, have a stiff drink. You’ve earned it!


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