5 Ways to Kick off Festivities: Adult Christmas Edition


Top 5 Adult Christmas Activities

With Christmas just around the corner, we are looking for ways to join in on the fun. And just because you no longer believe in Santa doesn’t mean you cannot have a great time. There is a heap of adult activities that allow you to make the most of the buzz and festivities. We have selected some that will instantly get you in the Christmas spirit.  

Watch a movie

What better way to dismiss the nasty weather outside that to spend an evening comfortably tucked in your sofa? You can go for all-time classics in the league of Love Actually and Bad Santa. No-obvious choices with Christmas undertones would be Die Hard and Batman Returns. A newer addition to the list, the Christmas Chronicles, is already available on Netflix.

If you do want to leave the coziness of your home, you are in luck. Events like The Snowman screening with a live orchestra in Beverly Minster are something to consider. Just book your tickets in advance because the crowds will be crazy.  

Pay a visit to a Christmas market

Visiting a Christmas market remains a staple across the globe. People flock to the heart of the city to have a glass of mulled wine or hot chocolate that warm up the heart. There should be a range of traditional delicacies like cheese and fudge to try out as well.

I must say that Christmas markets in Yorkshire are a special treat with all those carousel rides, musical entertainment, wooden stalls, and twinkling lights. When wandering around there, it also pays off to keep your eyes peeled for Christmas decoration, handcrafts, and seasonal gifts for the loved ones.

Good old shopping

Speaking of which, why not get a real taste of the festival shopping atmosphere that borderlines on mass frenzy? Consumer havens like the Merrion Centre are getting a seasonal makeover and are preparing a bunch of surprises. They also feature incredible deals and discounts you should take advantage of.

Instead of drifting around aimlessly, you can do some homework in order to score the best offers around. Download an app from a favorite retailer and stay in tune with announcements, coupons, and sales. Dress for comfort and put together a holiday playlist. Make good purchase choices and keep the good mood going.

Fun and games

Around Christmas, you are suddenly bombarded with party invitations. For a dash of something special, you can bring party games with you. They are a perfect focal point for social gatherings and yes, there is no shortage of adult-only Christmas games. Think in terms of Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay, Find Out Who, Movie Trivia, and Christmas Charades.

The vivid digital world is teeming with fun opportunities as well.  You can play Cool Jewels or help Taco Brothers Saving Christmas same time earning some real cash. Trusted online gambling providers give you a chance to do it on your own terms and the device of your choosing, while going about other Christmas activities.

Spending time with the family

Furthermore, you can tap into popular Christmas traditions centred on family. Decorate a Christmas tree together and evoke memories of the past festivities that still bring a smile to the face. Play competitive family games or have a good old Christmas get-together.

Summon the little ones to the kitchen and let them have a role in preparing delicious meals. Organise gift exchanges and teach the kids how to wrap paper. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so get creative. Find something that matches your cultural background, preferences, and location.


Christmas is a time of feasting, caring, and toasting. It gives you an opportunity to spend some quality time with the family, colleagues, and friends. All in all, the possibilities abound, ranging from big celebration events to small indoor gatherings. Whatever avenue you choose to take, make sure to soak up the magic around you. It is time to kick off the festive season with a bang.

May the countdown begin!


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