World’s First Yorkshiresaurus Stomps into Leeds Jurassic Trail

Leeds Jurassic Trail Feat

The world’s first Yorkshiresaurus will be one of 13 full-size dinosaurs stomping onto the Leeds Jurassic Trail this summer.

A moving diplodocus the length of two buses, a terrifying T-Rex taller than a house, a spitting dilophosaurus and a trio of pteranodons flying from the rooftops will be just some of the dinosaurs on show in 12 Leeds locations from July 24 to September 12.

Leeds Jurassic Trail 2

“Walkabout dinosaurs”

The Yorkshiresaurus – inspired by Wakefield student Keera Turner’s design – will feature a white rose, a spine of Yorkshire Ys and a rhubarb tail. And it’ll be located in Leeds Kirkgate Market.

The colossal diplodocus will also make the famous Briggate shopping street its outdoor home for seven weeks. And visitors will also see walkabout dinosaurs in the city throughout the event. The animatronic dinosaurs all display lifelike movements including moving heads, arms, tails and even wings, alongside their own roar. The Yorkshiresaurus even utters some classic dialect from God’s Own County.

The full list of dinosaurs as part of the Leeds Jurassic Trail includes:

  • Diplodocus – Briggate
  • Spinosaurus – Leeds Corn Exchange
  • Yorkshiresaurus – Leeds Kirkgate Market
  • Baryonyx – Leeds Rail Station
  • Stegosaurus & baby – Merrion Centre
  • Stygimoloch & pachycephalosaurus – St Johns Centre
  • Dilophosaurus – The Core
  • Allosaurus – The Light
  • T-Rex – Trinity Leeds
  • 2 caged raptors – Trinity Kitchen
  • 3 pteranodons flying – Victoria Quarter
  • Amargasaurus – Victoria Gate

The ground-breaking project which aims to safely support the city’s recovery from Covid-19 and boost the high street is being led by LeedsBID (Leeds Business Improvement District). The never-before-seen combination of partners includes Child Friendly Leeds, Leeds City Council, Leeds Corn Exchange, Leeds Kirkgate Market, Leeds Station, Merrion Centre, St Johns Centre, The Core, The Light, Trinity Kitchen, Trinity Leeds and Victoria Leeds, who are all joining forces on the same event for the first time.

Leeds Jurassic Trail 1

“Saddle up on a triceratops”

Andrew Cooper, Chief Executive of LeedsBID, said: “It is incredible to see so many partners joining forces on a scale never before seen in the city to create an event experience of Jurassic proportions. By creating something visitors to Leeds city centre can experience over a long period of time and spread out across our stunning city, it means every part of Leeds can benefit while remaining Covid safe.

“There’s a huge amount of excitement building around this free event. So, it will be great for the public to see these beasts installed first-hand at iconic Leeds locations. It will encourage people to not only venture back into the city centre, but to explore places they may never have been before and that’s the added appeal of this event.”

A pop-up dino shop has already opened its doors and cages to the public inside Trinity Leeds. Here, visitors can experience a paid for T-Rex ride. And explorers in the Merrion Centre will also have the chance to saddle up on a triceratops ride too.

Free paper maps that can be stamped after visiting each location and a digital version via a free app with chances to win prizes will also be available to visitors at all dino locations.

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