Yorkshire BID Reveal Butterfly Sculpture at Spurn Point

Yorkshire_Coast_Bid Spurn Butterfly Feat

Yorkshire Coast BID has unveiled the first sculpture of its Coastal Sculpture Collection. And people will look on and admire the stunning 2.5m green hairstreak butterfly, installed at Spurn Point.

The ‘Spurn Butterfly’ sculpture is the first piece commissioned by Yorkshire Coast BID to be officially revealed. And five more exciting pieces are planned for coastal locations including Flamborough, Hornsea, Whitby and Scarborough.

Yorkshire_Coast_Bid_Butterfly_spurn butterfly

“Striking sculpture”

The striking sculpture has been designed by Yorkshire artist, Emma Stothard. And it’s modelled on the beautiful Green Hairstreak butterflies that make their home at Spurn Point. The piece is also designed to highlight the conservation work being undertaken by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to preserve the butterfly’s natural habitat.

Emma exhibits nationally and internationally. She’s seen her work grace the gardens of stately homes, galleries, and private homes; and even Highgrove House, the private residence of HRH The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. As an artist Emma takes inspiration from the coast, its wonderful and diverse wildlife and the things that make it a fantastic place to live and visit. The Green Hairstreak Butterfly is the first of a series of spectacular sculptures to be revealed, providing a new and exciting reason for people to keep visiting the Yorkshire Coast.

When closed, the wings of a green hairstreak butterfly are a striking and distinctive bright emerald green colour. To emulate this, the artist has used a copper wire. Over time, this will weather as the salty sea air at Spurn Point accelerates the oxidation on the surface of the copper wire. And this will create a beautiful Verdigris.


“A labour of love”

It’s been a labour of love for Emma, taking weeks to design and create the piece. The finished sculpture stands at around an impressive 3m high and 2.5m long and weighs a whopping 300kilos.

The body of the sculpture has been woven with approximately 150kg of bronze drawn wire. And the wings are woven in an extra 100-150kg of drawn copper wire. Differing gauges of wire have been used for contrast and detail to achieve the overall look.

Emma said: “I’m so excited to be creating a new collection of inspirational sculptures as landmarks along the Yorkshire coastline. I hope the art will attract people to the area and inspire them to fully appreciate the beauty along the Yorkshire Coast. The sea and the wildlife.

“I was brought up in Kilnsea in East Yorkshire, and as a child I actually used to play down at Spurn point. So, I was surrounded by the flora and fauna and that was inspiration for this piece. I looked into all the wildlife at Spurn and my research found the green hairstreak butterfly. The butterfly was so striking and colourful I knew it was an opportunity to create something really special, in wire.”

Yorkshire_Coast_Bid_Butterfly_07 spurn butterfly

“Absolutely brilliant”

Andy Mason, Spurn Heritage Officer at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, spoke more about the link between Spurn Point and Green Hairstreak Butterflies:

“The green hairstreak is part and parcel of Spurn. And the population does fluctuate year on year, so it’s really important that we continue to look after their habitat and educate people to protect the coast. It’s fantastic to see the sculpture being installed and for it to signify the wonderful wildlife we have at Spurn. It is absolutely brilliant.

It’s a project that’s been funded by Yorkshire Coast BID. And the goal is to protect, and also promote the Yorkshire Coast.

CEO of Yorkshire Coast BID, Kerry Carruthers talked about the sculpture. She said “To see the ‘Spurn Butterfly’ in place and follow Emma’s creative journey to create something so special, as part of the Coastal Sculpture Collection, has been truly remarkable. The beauty of the piece and the way in which Emma has created it to be ever evolving with the landscape and sea air, will provide people with even more reasons to revisit, capture and share their experiences.

“It’s been excellent working in partnership with Emma and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to bring this to fruition. And we are looking forward to the next pieces being created. We hope that it can bring people who visit this area much enjoyment; and also ensure our valued visitors take the time to stop and learn about Yorkshire’s unique wildlife.”

You can find out more about the Yorkshire Coast BID by visiting www.yorkshirecoastbid.co.uk


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