WOVEN Gets Green Light to Yarn Bomb Huddersfield Railway Station in Rainbow Colours

WOVEN Slice of Denby Dale pie

Kirklees based WOVEN is launching its Big Rainbow Knit. An exciting new project, encouraging people to knit in rainbow colours which will then be used to yarn bomb Huddersfield Train Station pillars.

It’s part of the WOVEN Festival, happening in June 2021, which will bring together local communities across Kirklees. Designed by the architect James Pigott Pritchett, the grand station is well regarded for its neoclassical style facade and its six imposing columns leading out into St George’s Square. 


“A cheery experience”

The term ‘Yarn Bombing’ started as a clandestine movement. Anonymous knitters would transform an area, feature, or object by covering or decorating it in knitted fabric. Aligned to Street Art, there was a political edge to the action, highlighting issues and raising awareness of neglected spaces. Now the practice has become more mainstream. Woolly decorations are used to celebrate special events such as the Tour de France’s Grand Départ in Yorkshire, and also commemorate Remembrance by knitting poppies. It promotes community and co-operation and can involve people of all ages. 

Inspired by yarn bombing in France, Sara from Hepworth, decided to start her own during lockdown. And she began by decorating her front garden. She said: “In terms of mental health – it has definitely been a cheery experience – I have loved watching and hearing people’s reactions and it has certainly brought a smile to a lot of people’s faces. It has cheered up the road and helped me deal with the lockdown. I have sat and knitted through every Downing Street Daily Briefing and it has helped me cope with that!”

There are great social and mental health benefits to a project of this nature.  A recent study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that lockdown has contributed to almost 8 million adults being affected by loneliness. Knitting has been proven to have beneficial effects on mental health, lowering blood pressure, and reducing depression and anxiety. 


“A celebration”

Initiated and funded by Kirklees Council, WOVEN is a celebration connecting a strong heritage with today’s innovative developments. In the textiles industry, university research, and also the arts and crafts scene.

“WOVEN in Kirklees’ is about celebrating our textiles heritage and how textiles from innovation in fashion, medical and science to home crafts is still as important and relevant to us today. Kirklees is also not new to seeing yarn bombing. And we have seen before how knitting brings colour and vibrancy to unexpected places and spaces, but we are very excited to see how, by public vote, yarn bombing of the station will look in WOVEN 2021! This brings together our iconic architecture with our wool heritage in something truly spectacular!” said Cllr Rob Walker

The Big Rainbow Knit has been announced across WOVEN’s social media and website. And it will also culminate in the Huddersfield Railway Station and others within Kirklees being yarn bombed in June 2021 during the next WOVEN Festival. The Festival hopes to get anyone interested in knitting involved regardless of where they live in the UK; as the total aim is to create 2500 squares for the installation in June – around 500 are needed before January. 

To get involved or for more information and to see the videos of how to join in visit www.woveninkirklees.co.uk





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