Why is There Such a Large Number of Funny Pet Videos Uploaded to Different Social Media Platforms?

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Why is There Such a Large Number of Funny Pet Videos Uploaded to Different Social Media Platforms?

Pets such as cats and dogs bring in immense excitement and joy when you return home after a stressful day at the office. All your stress evaporates at the immediate sight of your four-legged friends. This is also true with social media videos that involve cats and dogs, due to the extremely funny and relaxing nature of the contents.

Pet videos that especially involve cats and dogs are extremely popular around the world because they don’t have any language barrier and thus can bring instant joy and stress relief to anyone watching in any part of the world. It is a well-known fact that humans often like to watch funny, entertaining and short videos over videos that requires them to read, think and do critical reasoning to understand the contents of a video. Hilarious cat and dog videos that are watched and shared on social media numerous times are sure to bring positive emotions, instant energy bursts, and elevated moods.

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Here are some reasons as to why pets rule social media and why it has become impossible to avoid funny animal videos in any leading social media streams, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. You can find plenty of pet videos on instagram.com/bluebuffalo/ that are funny and informative, alongside interesting descriptions of yummy recipes for your beloved pets.

Cats And Dogs Are The Lead Runners

It is a fact that cats and dogs are the most common and preferred animals in households of different countries. The comfort level that every family member has with cats and dogs are so high that they are treated as an important member of the family. Today, the latest models of smartphones come with high pixel specifications that offer picture quality equal to good models of standalone digital cameras. With easy accessibility, a plethora of home videos involving cute pets are easily taken with the help of smartphones.

Pet Videos Never Go Out Of Fashion

While watching your favourite movie, music or sports video can give you immense happiness, you cannot say with confidence that your other family members share a similar interest in watching those video contents liked by you.

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While your children will like to see their favourite cartoon videos, your parents may show great inclination to watch their favourite dramas. On the other hand, cute and short pet videos are very popular with every family member irrespective of their age, as the cuteness of the pet animals used in the videos will bring instant laughter and joy to everyone.

No Language Barrier

The language of the video content is the major factor that determines the target audience and geographical location for which the particular video is created. Pet videos involving cats and dogs are a glaring exception to this. For example, there is no reason why a funny pet video uploaded in an African country cannot attract a numerous audience in an Asian country.


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