What Are the Odds of Yorkshire Getting a New Casino in 2019?

What Are the Odds of Yorkshire Getting a New Casino in 2019 main

What Are the Odds of Yorkshire Getting a New Casino in 2019?

It’s an interesting time for the land-based casino industry in the UK. Following the spate of huge city centre casinos built after the lifting of regulations over a decade ago, the picture has been decidedly mixed.

Some venues have become the toast of the town, bringing in hundreds of millions in tax revenue and completely revitalizing certain city districts, while others have proven to be abject failures and had to close their doors. With such a mixed picture up and down the country, the question of whether God’s Own Country will be graced with another casino in the year ahead remains to be seen.

Let’s take a look at the industry at the moment and see if we can calculate the odds of there being a new casino opening just around the corner.

The Picture So Far

A quick glimpse at the casino industry in Yorkshire would suggest wild success. City centre openings of glamorous casinos in more prosperous cities such as Leeds and Sheffield have been a smash hit. The glitzy Victoria Gate casino in Leeds was and remains one of the “it spots” to be on any given Saturday night, while other casinos across the city have reported raking in absolutely mammoth amounts of revenue.

That’s not the whole story though. In less thriving parts of Yorkshire, casinos have been having a much tougher time with things. The widely-reported closure of the Grosvenor Casino in Bradford sent shock waves through the industry, as pundits learned that the casino was barely making enough cash to keep the lights on. Even booming Leeds hasn’t been safe, with the once-thriving Grosvenor Casino suddenly closing its doors in 2016, leaving hundreds of people out of a job.

With such an uncertain landscape for the industry, anyone looking to open up a new casino in Yorkshire will have to make a very calculated decision on where to do so.

What Are the Odds of Yorkshire Getting a New Casino in 2019 slots

The Wider Situation

It’s difficult to explain why some land-based casinos thrive while others fall. One major challenge faced by the industry has come from the digital realm. Online casino gaming has proven much more popular than land-based casinos in recent years, with savvy slot players simply scoping out the best online casino through reading comparative reviews and rankings so that they can get all of the action from the comfort of their own home.

This has certainly proved a threat to the big city casinos, who now need to work much harder to convince players to make the effort to come to play with them. It seems that even the casino industry is facing the same digital disruption that just about every other sector is facing in the 21st century.

So What Are the Odds?

So what are the odds of another one opening up anytime soon? While some have been closing, it’s worth noting that others have been expanding, with the aforementioned Victoria Gate adding several new rooms and bars to their casino this year, in order to handle the extra capacity. This suggests that if done right, a land-based casino is a good investment. We’ll put the odds at a solid 50/50.


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