Study, Appreciate, Respect, and Protect Nature in 2022

Study, Appreciate, Respect, and Protect Nature in 2022

Nature gives back what people give to it. If they care for it, it gives back fresh air, flowing rivers, enough rainfall, and food. Compared to other preceding generations, this generation has contributed most to nature destruction and the same generation is receiving the worst nature can give.

It’s time every individual began to play their part towards nature protection and do the little things such as not throwing chemicals into rivers, practicing organic farming, and learning about nature protection. Each little action by one individual can create a big difference.

How to protect nature in 2022

Governments and NGOs across the globe are rushing to save nature. They have signed treaties, created laws, and pooled resources to invest in nature protection. These are actions at the local, national, regional, and global levels. They are moving towards green energy, larger forest cover, sustainable food, and development. What is lacking is the actions at an individual level that can resound to the global level. The following simple actions at an individual level can help save nature.

Education about nature could be the first action students should take in their effort to protect it. They can also protect it by writing informative texts like an essay. Before you write, think about ideas that will help educate many individuals. If you lack smart ideas, suggestions for writing essay about pollution are available on GradesFixer might help. This is a useful site that college students can use as a writing tool when they have a paper to write or another academic work.

Get information

The best action to start with is to get empowered through information. Reading is one way of empowering yourself. You get to understand what has been done and what is yet to be done. Global conservationists have written widely about nature protection.

Students have written literature and so are governments, the UN, and many other stakeholders. Study the information and have the information at your fingertips. Listen to the news, and get detailed information of everything you need to know about nature. If you rise to take action after filling yourself with information, it will be easier to take the right steps.

Have respect for nature

In human relationships, to have respect for others means to live in harmony with them by not abusing them, stealing from them, speaking ill about them, and to be social, etc. In the same way, you can have respect for nature through the actions you do as an individual.

The most basic actions you can do are not to litter anywhere, not to burn forests, and to take care of the wildlife. By taking care of the wildlife, it means you don’t cut down trees because this is their habitat.

When you go hiking, keep to the trails and, if possible, plant a tree. Don’t dump chemicals into rivers or forests, but put them securely in bins to be collected by responsible people. If you haven’t done it, begin to love nature and write something about it, no matter how small it might be.

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Appreciate nature

You get a lot of things from nature and if it were all hostile, no one would have survived this far. Nature gives beauty in various ways like trees, flowers, rivers, lakes, mountains, and animals. It gives rainfall, winds for fresh air, snow, sunlight, night, etc. When you get good gifts from someone, the best way is to appreciate them.

You can appreciate nature in various ways like planting a tree, avoiding pollutions, walking in the wild, watching the birds sing, enjoying the breeze, teaching about nature, planting a garden, etc. These are actions that help improve nature.

Protect nature

Apply the principles of nature protection daily and do everything within your power to protect nature. Be precautious and trend carefully if you are not certain that your action will help protect nature.

Take preventive measures to avoid damage to nature and don’t wait for it to happen for you to take action. Protect nature by preventing damage at the source and if it has already occurred, rectify it at the source.


Internationally, governments and international organizations are moving fast to protect nature. At the local level, every individual has a responsibility to take actions that protect nature. An individual can start by learning information about nature protection. They should show appreciation to nature by planting a tree or visiting the wild. The next level is to respect nature by not polluting it and to protect it by obeying environmental principles.

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