How the Yorkshire Public is Cutting Through Debt Gloom

Communities combining to ease debt stress

How The Yorkshire Public Is Cutting
Through Debt Gloom

Communities combining to ease financial stresses

It was reported this week that a the York community helped a homeless man. The man, whose sheltered spot had been obstructed by the local council, has had over £4,000 raised on his behalf to get him back on his feet. Sadly, these stories are too familiar given the current economic climate.

It’s not all bad news, though. Thanks to the perennial generosity of British people, there are lots of good stories in the news of how charity is helping those in need to get through the harder times. Yorkshire, in particular, has a proud history of charity and philanthropy.

Debt Angels

One of the leading causes of the money issues British people face is the stacking up of seemingly affordable consumer debt. With the average UK household in £13,900 of debt and Yorkshire in particular suffering due to lower levels of expendable income, the problem is serious. The government has responded, and there are now many charities providing structured plans that offer Debt Management Advice to ensure a clear path out of debt.

Fortunately, the community has always stepped up in Yorkshire. Since 2009, groups like Christians against Poverty have actively sought to provide assistance and advice to people struggling with debt problems in Yorkshire.

Communities combining to ease debt stress money

Food Banks

For families that are managing to cover the basics, like rent or mortgage payments, the shortfall is often falling on two areas – fuel and food. In Bradford, an October 2017 report revealed that fuel poverty levels are at the worst levels in the country. Once again, charity has come to help the community immeasurably, providing an innovative combination of food donations and fuel provisions, such as fuel cards. This has helped families to only have one area of concern, easing fears over money moving into the colder part of the year.


Finally, a piece of fame for the region and charity to go hand-in-hand. You might not know, but this year’s Christmas advert offering from Waitrose was filmed in remote Tan Hill Inn in Reeth. The high-altitude inn, one of the most unique pubs in Britain, is famous for being snowed in and the advert has tapped into that.

The most heartwarming part of the story, though, is that Anne Fine has penned a book to go along with the advert. Each sale will raise £5 for The Trussell Trust, the operator of many of the food banks covered above.

Debt is rising, and the outlook is gloomy. For many British people and Yorkshire natives, it can seem bleak. However, the collective hearts and minds of British people are clubbing together, as they ever have, to ease the burden.


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