Paddy Power Huddersfield Shirt Sponsorship was a Clever PR Stunt

huddersfield town spoof kit launch

Paddy Power is a prestigious gambling operator with a long tradition in supporting sports teams from the United Kingdom. The company is also famous for its bold advertising campaigns, sometimes going well beyond what is considered to be safe in this industry. The most recent announcement was made just a few weeks ago when they have announced a partnership with Huddersfield Town. This sponsorship of the Championship football club implied that the name of the Irish bookmaker would be displayed on the players’ shirts. The deal raised quite a few eyebrows and this week things took a turn for the spectacular.

Paddy Power’s first ever front-of-shirt sponsorship

The announcement made by the Irish bookmaker was surprising given the fact that this was the first shirt sponsorship deal ever made by the company. The decision to team up with Huddersfield Town was easier to explain, as this is a football club with a long tradition in England and an enthusiastic group of fans. The timing, however, was regarded by many as odd because it goes contrary to the trend. Many gambling operators are rolling back their advertising and marketing after politicians have used shirt sponsorships as weapons against the gambling industry.

Paddy Power was happy to break the news and it was shortly after confirmed by Huddersfield officials. Both parties have regarded this as an important milestone for both organisations and a taste of what’s to come. Just when the interest for this agreement seems to have died out, the kit was revealed and this has generated a huge uproar. The huge Paddy Power logo adorning the shirt is well beyond what the Football Association’s rules regard as acceptable. If the football club decides to go ahead with this gear, it’s very likely to be heavily fined by the FA; they have already used it once in a friendly match against Rochdale.

Another clever PR stunt from Paddy Power?

Gambling operators who offer mobile slots sometimes take calculated chances with PR stunts and many consider that this is the case here. Paddy Power offer the popular Starburst slot game which has also recently come under scrutiny for the ASA. Given the existing rules and the overall advertising standards, the likelihood of Paddy Power to display its logo so brazenly seems impossible. Company representatives are surely aware of the fact that the FA will not allow a football club to display a logo of this size on its shirts. This means that there could be an alternate motive to this move and everyone is anxiously waiting to see what happens next.

On one hand, there is a strong possibility for this to be yet another PR stunt from Paddy Power, a company famous for similar endeavours. On the other, they could simply use this opportunity to donate the sponsorship money to one of the many charities and clinics they already support to help gambling addicts. For the time being, nothing is certain and pretty much everything is possible, so this Paddy Power Huddersfield shirt sponsorship is definitely worth following.


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