Rising Stars Cast For Epic Re-Telling of ‘The Odyssey’ On The Yorkshire Coast


Local up-and-coming stars have been unearthed across the Yorkshire Coast, as more than 400 people from the community, businesses and media have been cast to star in Animated Object’s remaking of ‘The Odyssey’ – an epic adventure on the Yorkshire Coast, in association with Yorkshire Coast BID.

Over 150 businesses, drama organisations and dozens of community organisations have been taking part. RNLI, RSPB and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, as well as hundreds of local residents, have been part of audio and video recording sessions retelling Homer’s classic tale. Some of the regions radio presenters have also been involved as narrators. And performers on-screen and will continue to be part of ‘The Odyssey’ as it evolves. All major roles have been cast and production is well underway for what promises to be a truly epic experience.

“The backdrop of the Yorkshire Coast”

The first episode of the story will be released in November 2021. And it can be watched across Animated Object’s website and on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. It aims to set the scene of the story and introduce the Olympian Gods in their modern form, with narrators switching between the real world and the fictional world of ‘The Odyssey’.

More episodes are set to be released in December. They’ll focus primarily on Thetis – a Goddess of the seas and her wedding to the mortal king Peleus. They will also show how Eris the Goddess of Chaos sets events in motion that will eventually lead to the Trojan Wars.

This has been supported by a series of large-scale sand art projects filmed by drone, which will feature in the opening credits of the episodes. The entire story will be told with the backdrop of the Yorkshire Coast and will show it off in a completely new light, featuring stunning sunrises, beautiful beaches and spectacular scenery.

Sequences have been filmed on the beaches of Spurn Point; on land and in the sea at Withernsea; Hornsea; Skipsea; Bridlington; on the cliff tops at Flamborough and Filey Brigg; along the Cleveland Way and on boats under the cliffs at Bempton and from Scarborough to Whitby. It’s truly an epic tale across the whole of the Yorkshire Coast.

“Epic adventure on-screen”

Dawn Dyson-Threadgold is from Animated Objects. She said: “We’ve had a really positive response from locals and businesses up and down the coast. We’ve met people with different levels of experience – many of whom have never performed before but have been keen to get involved in this epic adventure on-screen.”

Yorkshire Coast BID’s Chief Executive is Kerry Carruthers. And she said: “To see the Odyssey capture the imagination of people young and old, vying for a lead role, is brilliant to see. This will be the biggest event series told in the UK using the Yorkshire Coast as its natural backdrop. And the team are only at the beginning of telling this epic tale, that has seen over 100 businesses alone get involved”

Tim Tubbs from Scarborough Theatre Company said: “Totally excellent afternoon playing King Priam for The Odyssey; a terrifying, ambitious community project along the Yorkshire Coast involving hundreds of groups and individuals. Big respect to Lee and Dawn who ran our filming day at the YMCA briskly and brilliantly. Can’t wait to see how this cover creative duo turn all these filming sessions into a contemporary version of the Trojan Wars epic. I had such a great time doing my little bit with all these people. Thanks so much.”

“Ambitious project”

There are many more dates for the diary for this exciting and ambitious project. There’s an enchanting lantern trail in Robin Hood’s Bay on the weekend of the 4th/5th of December. And special large-scale screenings of ’The Trojan Wars’ which will be an interactive event touring to six towns along the coast in February 2022. There’ll also be live music and giant puppets visiting in April and May 2022.

Episodes in the new year will focus on additional characters and how the love affair between Helen and Paris sets off a series of events that will change their world, as well as meeting major figures in the story including Odysseus, Achilles and the dread King, Agamemnon.

The activity follows on from the geo-location trails – a free-roaming story to be enjoyed at a relaxed pace. And a number of ‘discovery trails’ in larger towns where chapters lead visitors from one location to another. They introduce them to areas they may not have explored before. The geo-location trails were released on the Echoes App by Animated Objects earlier in 2021, and are available for download. More stories will be launched in 2022.

To find out more about the Yorkshire Coast BID visit www.yorkshirecoastbid.co.uk


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