A Night at the Casino or a Realistic Live Casino Experience?

A Night at the Casino or a Realistic Live Casino Experience

A Night at the Casino or a Realistic Live
Casino Experience?

The opening of the Victoria Gate Casino in Leeds marked a big moment for the entertainment and leisure industry in Yorkshire. Open twenty-four hours and covering the size of 18 tennis courts (that’s 15,000 foot), it offers customers dining, drinking, entertainment and gaming. Boasting over 140 slots, 100 poker seats and 80 electronic gambling terminals, it’s diversifying the way Yorkshire is spending their Saturday night.

Many people, however, are actually spending their nights out online.That’s possible using some recent tech innovations, including live streaming, increased bandwidth and OCR, and comes in a package widely known as live casino or live dealer casino, available online for desktops and mobiles. A “trip” to a live casino gives its members unlimited access to different casino games, such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat. In fact, online live casinos now also feature games of chance not traditionally found in land-based casinos, such as Golden Ball and Dream Catcher. With live games, players are connected via one-way video link to a casino establishment where a real person will deal their cards or spin the roulette wheel after they bet. The games are regularly updated, and the addition of a mobile app, means we can play anytime, anywhere.


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However, Victoria Gate, unlike some other casinos in the UK, does much to offer you a full night out of at the casino. There’s almost too much on offer for one night-out for whether it’s for a gambler or a good timer. Curve bar, is the casino’s shimmering cocktail bar, partnered with Moet and Chandon and covered wall-to-wall in plasmas. There are two restaurants, including V restaurant, which is definitely fine-dining but with everything from British classics to pan-Asian cuisines. And all the food is locally sourced too.

What’s exciting about this casino multiplex is what’s on offer for those wanting dining and entertainment. And actually a lot of customers are there solely for the drinks, food and music. It’s believed that 50% of Victoria Gate Casino customers are entering for the leisure activities, and the other 50% gambling. It offers you a good and proper night out, there’s live sport at the Live Bar with a wall of 21 55-inch screens. There’s another 61 screens elsewhere in the venue and broadcasting of entertainment, sport and music is non-stop.

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There is a definite excitement, glamour and pure entertainment of a night out in the Victoria Gate Casino. Offering over 200 jobs, the Leeds casino is doing more than just offering entertainment option to the community. It’s connecting the community and offering leisure opportunities to hundreds of customers a day. But then again, unsurprisingly, online casino games are in the millions. The pull of real time table games means you get that land-based casino feeling, but from your own home. The Victoria Gate Casino may have three outdoor terraces, but online there is a world of new gambling that has endless gaming potential, is at the end of the day, super-duper convenient.

Victoria Gate Casino offers Yorkshire a slice of James Bond, but with the modern entertainments and trendiest outlets. Whilst online live gambling is offering us more and more and, likewise, going online is already a popular choice in the rest of the entertainment industry, from music to television. It’s just like weighing up a night in with a movie and a night out at the cinema. There’s probably room for both.


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