New Horror Film Made in Yorkshire

horror film made in yorkshire

Ex-Doctor Who Stars in Movie Set in Yorkshire Locations, including the former ARRTS International Film School

Art meets horror in award-winning director Mark Murphy’s latest film, End of Term. The movie stars Ronald Pickup (Prince of Persia, The Mission), Peter Davison (Doctor Who, All Creatures Great and Small), and rising talent Ben Lamb (Divergent, Now You See Me 2). The film is shooting at various locations in Yorkshire.

horror film made in yorkshire

Chelsea Edge as Melissa in ‘End of Term’

The locations in use are: Melbourne Hall Estate, Melbourne (near Bubwith); Riccall Business Park; and GSP Studios, which is in Bubwith. This is the former home of the ARTTS International film, stage and television school. In fact, this is where Mark Murphy was himself once a student.

In End of Term, history repeats itself at the Ford Barrington Art School. Here, the lingering menace of Garth Stroman, an artist who had a disturbing vision fifty years prior, torments the existing students.

The students discover that true art is only achieved through suffering and pain. The climax of the film sees graduation celebrations turn into a twisted confrontation with medieval torture… all in the name of art.

“It’s going to look stunning”

horror film made in yorkshire

Actor Ben Lamb as Scott in ‘End of Term’, a horror film shot in Yorkshire

End of Term is Murphy’s third horror feature. It follows the critically acclaimed and award-winning films, The Crypt (2014) and Awaiting (2015).

Mark Murphy said: “I’m excited about bringing something new to horror fans, as well as a much wider audience. First and foremost, it is going to look stunning. This is in part helped by the choice of locations and the great care and attention that has been put into sourcing genuine artistic props, scenery and costume elements.

“It’s going to bring an exciting new cast to people’s attention. I have no doubt they will go on to do many great things. It’s a script with some really engaging, funny and lovable characters. One that will have you invested in the film from the very start, right through to the end.”

End of Term is the first in a series of horror pictures being made through a joint venture between GSP Studios, GCB Films, and Solar Productions. GSP Studios is developing a major production base in the north of England. Since opening five years ago, it has produced over 15 feature films. GCB is a venture by a team of highly experienced film makers who creates, amongst many other titles, the cult TV classic horror series, Urban Gothic.

Top image shows Melbourne Hall Estate near Bubwith, chosen for art-meets-horror film ‘End of Term’


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