Improvements Yorkshire is Making for the Disabled

Improvements Yorkshire is Making for the Disabled jigsaw

Improvements Yorkshire is Making for the Disabled

Yorkshire soundly recognises that disabled people have a great deal to contribute to society, and that they deserve the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. They also have just as much to enjoy, so there’s no reason as to why they should be barred from select activities. This is something that the world over is finally beginning to recognise, concentrating efforts so that everyone experiences a fair slice of the fun.

Adjustments and improvements are always being made across Yorkshire to ensure that everyone can enjoy the area to the fullest. What’s more, safety is a primary concern too, which everyone has a right too. With so much to do, it makes no sense to bottle neck those experiences to a select few. Consequently, here’s how Yorkshire is rallying together to make improvements for the disabled.

Workplace Stigma

Everyone needs a workplace to feel productive. While many disabled people require equipment to help them get on day-to-day, this should certainly not exclude them from the working environment. After all, though a disabled person might be bound to a wheelchair, this by no means eclipses their talents in other areas.

It’s not even just about ramps and lifts in the workplace, but stigma too. An employer might put in a ramp at work to tick a box on a lawful checklist, but this doesn’t eradicate prejudice thinking or behaviour. This is something Yorkshire recognises fully, with the Kickstart employment service helping disabled workers find their perfect role.

Improvements Yorkshire is Making for the Disabled computer

Grant System

After experiencing months or even years of unwarranted setbacks, disabled people can find it difficult to pick up the pieces in other aspects of life too. For example, without a job, they can find it difficult to fund the search for their own home, or make the necessary adjustments to one they do find; such as a stairlift. It’s all a knock-on effect, and prejudice in one area unjustly bleeds into the next.

However, Harrogate Borough Council has vowed to improve housing their local area, helping to fund disabled facilities grants in the Harrogate district. This pool of money can contribute toward giving disabled people a working home that is tailored to their needs, allowing them to live more freely and safely. Everyone should feel safe and comfortable at home, and this effort goes a long way in making that happen for everyone.

Access to Reservoirs

As everyone is aware, nature is a huge part of the Yorkshire experience. World famous for the delightful Yorkshire Dales and other stunning scenery, the countryside can be tough to traverse even for the most able travellers. Steep hills and incredible valleys, the land of Yorkshire is breath-taking to behold and hard to navigate in unison.

However, 2015 saw disabled access being added to Fewston Reservoir, a popular tourist destination in Yorkshire. While disabled access in healthcare facilities and office spaces is a plus, taking these steps forward in leisurely activities is undoubtedly beneficial. It involves improvements to the footpaths, making them flatter and wider. Obviously, this makes the navigation of wheel chair users and crutch bearers that little bit easier.


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