How To Stay Safe When Gambling Online in 2019

How To Stay Safe When Gambling Online in 2019 main

With modern technology comes the good and the bad. The good being a whole lot of variety for casino players, while the bad is a number of unsafe casinos in the market today. You want to avoid signing up with these kinds of online casinos as you aren’t guaranteed the service of cash withdrawals, meaning your winnings will remain with the casino. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you there are a few precautionary means to protect yourself. This is what you need to watch out for when seeking out a reliable and safe online casino and finally what makes online casinos legitimate. Find out more here to avoid future disappointment and losing out on winnings.

How To Identify A Licensed Or Regulated Online Casino

Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can confirm the authenticity of an online casino, however you will first need to establish whether or not the casino has been licensed. To do this you simply need to head to the bottom, or the footer, of the page in search of a stamp of approval which is often accompanied by a licensing number. The UK Gambling Commission has the authority to regulate and license online casinos as does the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). If you see this stamp of approval, you know the casino has passed all the tests necessary in order to obtain a license and will actually pay out your winnings.

How To Stay Safe When Gambling Online in 2019 pc

Trusted Payment Methods – Additional Protection against Fraud

Online casinos adopt a number of payment methods which are used to deposit and withdraw money to and from the casino and the player. This works to your advantage as these methods are usually only affiliated to authentic casino sites. However, if you are still unsure, find out about Payforit. This trusted method of online financial transactions adds an extra layer of protection by eliminating the requirement of a bank card. There are a number of services which actually erase the connection from your casino account to your online baking account. This payment method will require you to sign up and create an online wallet which you will use to transfer funds from your bank account into this account. Once that step has been finalised you will then use this online wallet to make transactions.

Gaming Authentication Verification

It is essential to understand the importance of gaming fairness. Many online casinos use a RNG (Random Number Generator) to ensure that the casino pays out upon landing winning combinations which are chosen at random giving all players a fair an equal chance of winning. Should the casino be a legitimate one, it will disclose this information in either the security or terms and conditions. The casino will publicly display this information as players are attracted to this kind of publicity knowing full well they stand an actual shot at winning.
Stick to these guidelines and chances are incredibly high that you will find yourself a legitimate and trusted online casino that pays out your winnings.


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