Exceptional Christmas Exhibitions in Yorkshire and Around the World

Exceptional Christmas Exhibitions in Yorkshire and Around the World main

Christmas markets and celebrations are one of the best things about the holiday season – and with every year they are getting more elaborate and extensive. With Christmas foods, art, singing and activities for people of all ages, every country puts a unique spin on celebrating the upcoming holidays. Some do exhibitions, some go for food markets, in some countries it’s a combination of both.

We’ve gathered three of the most Christmas-y and welcoming Christmas themed exhibitions and activities across the world for you to check out.

Nunnington Hall, UK

This is one of the more traditional markets that has retained its style in combination with a welcoming spirit and variety of activities. At Nunnington Hall it’s not just about the food it’s also about the spirit. You will have the option to attend an event called ‘Christmas Through the Ages’ where you get to see how the Christmas celebration changed and evolved over centuries. Another option would be to warm up by the fire pit at an outdoor festival when you can have mulled wine and mince pie. You also have the option of ‘A Victorian Father Christmas Experience’ as well as a community exhibition, ‘Art of Christmas’. Local artists get to display their Christmas themed, mixed media art while the visitor can enjoy it on the weekends. The exhibition is celebrating its fifth consecutive year of helping out local artists and embracing their unique takes on life, nature and so much more. Apart from that Nunnington offer festive food favourites to all of its guests along with carol singing on the weekends that begins early in the morning and goes on for the entire day.

Exceptional Christmas Exhibitions in Yorkshire and Around the World xmas

Crown Resort, Australia

At the glamorous Crown casino, during Christmas, their exhibition hall houses holiday-themed exclusive exhibitions. This time it is the ArtVo Exhibition, an interactive trick-art gallery where you also get to take pictures. It allows you to engage with the pieces that are 3-d and make for a great social media post because the 2-dimensional hand painting transforms into a mind-blowing 3-dimensional scene. The exhibition will house pieces form four Korean artists, that have a combination of over 40 years of experience. Their artworks are already represented all over the world but now you will get to see them if you happen to be around Crown until the end of December. They provide professional photographers that will tell you whether or not you’re interacting with the exhibits correctly but you shouldn’t be afraid to take your own route and be creative. All of the pieces are very modern and the exhibition is anything but boring. Don’t hesitate to check it out, especially if you have kids so you can take some memorable pictures.

Tallinn Christmas Market

The capital of Estonia is a hidden gem in Europe and has one of the cosiest Christmas celebrations in the world. The Christmas market is located in the centre of the city where you can get mulled wine, Estonian cheese, folk costumes, and statues and home decor while also enjoying a different artist at the centre stage every evening while the market continues. It’s always buzzing with tourists and locals alike and is generally a very exciting time in the city. The location itself is beautiful enough to make you want to attend the Christmas market and the Christmas decorations are really outstanding. There are different activities scheduled throughout the day and depending on your company you can attend events suitable for kids or adults. Plus, there is a big celebration on New Year’s Eve as well, so the market functions until the beginning of January.


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