The Essential Guide to Surviving Family Festivals

The Essential Guide to Surviving Family Festivals main

The Essential Guide to Surviving Family Festivals

With the weather heating up and the summer holidays just around the corner, now is a great time to start planning a fun-filled summer for the whole family! Yorkshire is famous for hosting a wide selection of festivals — whether they focus on music and arts or food and cars, there’s something for everyone! But, once you’ve trawled through the hundreds of options, there are many other questions you need to be asking yourself to ensure you and your family have an unforgettable experience.

What are my transport options?

With crowds of people flocking to these events, getting in the car and crawling through traffic may seem like a daunting prospect, but in some cases it’s the best option. If you’re attending a festival that’s quite a distance away and you’re planning on camping, it may be useful to invest in a roof box or trailer to attach to your car — these ERDE classic trailers come in a range of sizes, catering for any load and making your journey that bit easier.

Alternatively, Yorkshire has great transport links with regular buses and trains to many main areas, with some festivals like The Great British Food Festival at Harewood House offering a free shuttle bus service to run you up and down the grounds, as well as up to the bus stop. Festivals like Leeds Festival are packed year on year, so have a bus service running directly to and from the location, so if you’re headed for a busy festival be sure to check whether this could be an option for you and your family.

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What kind of clothes should I wear?

Depending on the nature of your festival (and obviously the unpredictable British weather!), this will vary. For music festivals which are usually held in fields, it can get messy, so ensure you’re wearing appropriate footwear like wellies and have spare clothes for your journey back. Taking waterproof items — like these packable cagoules from Blacks — can be your saving grace if the heavens decide to open on you when you’re out and about.

For the kids, layers will prove helpful: with heaps of energy, they’re very likely to get warm and need to shed a few items along the way. It may even be a good idea (if they’ll co-operate!) for them to have their own backpacks that they can put essentials in for the day. If it’s going to be warm, it’s imperative to take items like sun cream and hats to prevent anybody feeling unwell on your fun day out.

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Do I need to take any food?

Yorkshire is known for being home of the foodie, so practically every festival will have food to cater for a range of taste buds — you may even come across the new internet sensation: the Yorkshire pudding wrap!

However, if you’re not looking to spend much money, these stalls can prove expensive, so you may want to create your own picnic. This also means the whole family can enjoy the festival without having to queue up! Just remember that if you’re wanting to relax with a glass of wine or pint of beer, you might have to buy these inside the festival as it’s not often permitted to take your own alcohol.

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How do I keep everybody safe?

As with any crowded place, it’s good to plan a meeting point in case any of you get lost. Educating yourself and the kids on where the festival assistants and security can be found is really important — most festivals will have a clearly marked tent where the staff will be. Try to stick together at all costs and be sure to hold the hands of your little ones to prevent them from wandering off into the crowds. If you’re allowing the family to split up during the day and are planning on using phones to communicate, ensure they’re charged and can get signal prior to separating: as many large Yorkshire festivals are held in remote fields, this may cause an interruption to network coverage.

For more advice on how to keep your family safe, take a look at the Crime Prevention website’s guide to music festivals.

Festivals are a great way of getting the family together and can provide you with a whole host of entertainment, making them a hit with everyone. Taking a few minutes out of your day to plan your transport options and make a list of essentials will put you in good stead for when the big day comes around.


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