Death & The Widow – Help a York Film Get Made

death and the widow

Death & The Widow: Help a York Film Get Made

by Gregory Fishwick

As part of my film studies At University of West London, I wrote a short screenplay called Death & the Widow. It received top marks all round.

Upon completion of my studies, I entered the script into my first film festival; Hollywood Horrorfest 2014. It won Best Period Horror Screenplay. Since then it has won a number of awards and been nominated for many others, both in the UK and USA.

death and the widow poster

Poster for the crowd-fund appeal for Yorkshire’s ‘Death & The Widow’ film

It’s now time to take it from page to screen! I live in York now and will be shooting the film in that magnificent historical city, utilising it’s unique landscape and atmosphere to recreate Victorian-era London. Filming will take place in the surrounding areas, as well.

“One step closer”

Of course, funding is the primary obstacle to overcome in making a movie, especially when creating a period piece such as this one. So we have launched a crowd-funding campaign on indiegogo, a democratic platform that is geared towards the raising of funds for various different kinds of projects, including film-making.

We are looking for help in bringing this Yorkshire-based project to life. By clicking on the link below, you will be taken to our campaign page where you can watch a proof of concept; essentially a short film that we shot giving a flavour of the final piece. Most importantly, you will see a button for backing the film. Any amount brings us one step closer to making this film a reality and there’s some nice perks to be had as well, including a ghost walk and a taxidermy class, courtesy of local businesses that we’ve teamed up with.

We would be extremely grateful for any assistance that could be given in bringing Death & The Widow to the screen. You would not only be contributing to a personal passion project but to a showcase that would celebrate Yorkshire and it’s talent on the silver screen. Thanks!


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