Jobs in a Digital Age and Animal-Nav To Be Explored at Berwins Salon North

Berwins Salon North 2020 Harrogate

The threat to professions in a digital world. The amazing science of animal navigation. And the psychological impact of magic on the human mind will be explored at the first Berwins Salon North of 2020.

Produced by Harrogate International Festivals, the increasingly-popular “TED-style” talks return on Thursday, January 23.

The latest thought-provoking session features a great line-up. An expert in cognitive psychology, a former senior Cabinet Office policy advisor, and an ex-British diplomat turned maritime explorer.

First off the blocks for Inner Workings is Daniel Susskind. Susskind is a Fellow in Economics at Balliol College, Oxford University, and a former 10 Downing Street policy advisor. He’ll explore the impact of technology, particularly AI (artificial intelligence), on work and society.

“Super computers to abilities”

In a digital age – where telemedicine is already being trialled in the region – will advancing computer technology sound the death knell for a raft of professions, from teachers to lawyers and accountants to doctors? And if it does, should it be welcomed or feared?

Moving the conversation from super computers to super abilities is David Barrie. Barrie is the great-great nephew of Peter Pan creator, JM Barrie. He’ll take the audience on a journey of discovery into the cutting-edge science of animal navigation.


The former diplomat, arts administrator and award-winning author – who has navigated the seas using only a sextant as his guide – examines how the likes of butterflies, birds and crustaceans find their way using the light of the Milky Way, the Earth’s magnetic field, and even patterns of light invisible to the human eye as their onboard satnav system.

Finally, Gustav Kuhn delves into the psychology of magic, and explains why our minds can be so easily deceived.

A Reader in Psychology at Goldsmiths, president of the Science of Magic Association, a member of the Magic Circle and a member of the Experimental Psychological Society (EPS), Kuhn will explore, among other topics, our propensity for magical thinking, free will and mind control, and how magic is applied outside of  entertainment.

“A new appreciation of your brain’s amazing capacity”

Understanding how and why the brain is fooled will change the way you judge yourself. And others. And it will give you a new appreciation of your brain’s amazing capacity.

Martin Whincup, Berwins Salon North Marketing Manager, said: “We are very excited about the forthcoming Berwins Salon North series; the calibre of speakers appearing at these evenings is simply remarkable.

“And whilst they come from a wealth of different backgrounds they all have one thing in common – the ability to stimulate intellectual debate!”

Priced at £16, tickets for Berwins Salon North: Inner Workings, being staged at Harrogate’s Crown Hotel at 7.30pm on Thursday, January 23, are available from the box office on 01423 562303 or on the website:


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