Steve Van Zandt Brings his Disciples of Soul to Leeds

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Steve Van Zandt Brings his Disciples of Soul to Leeds main

by Victoria Holdsworth

It is going to be a magical summer, with the news that Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul have announced the release of their eagerly awaited new album, Summer Of Sorcery.

The legendary rock ‘n’ rollers first album of new material, arrives May 3 via Wicked Cool/Ume, and the collective has also announced a world tour, which includes a date at Leeds O2 Academy on May 16.

Whilst most people will know Steven Van Zandt as a member of Bruce Springsteen’s legendary E Street Band, in which he plays guitar and mandolin, he is also known for his roles on television dramas such as Silvio Dante on The Sopranos.

After the release of Little Steven’s acclaimed 2017’s solo return, Soulfire, and its 2018 live follow-up, Soulfire Live, Summer of Sorcery, was written, arranged and produced by Van Zandt at his own Renegade Studios in New York City. It is another landmark work in a four decade career full of milestones – a spirited collection of songs which conjure up all the wonder and magic of the eponymous season – the beach and the boardwalk, the young love and unbridled lust, the innocence and experience that somehow starts it all.

Steve Van Zandt Brings his Disciples of Soul to Leeds poster“Everything I’d hoped for”

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the singer stated: “All my previous solo records were very political and very personal and I wanted to get away from both of those things. I wanted to fictionalize my life. I was sick of me. Making this record was everything I’d hoped for. What I’d hoped would happen was, you put the whole tour, all of those songs, into a funnel and out of that funnel comes a new album. And that’s exactly what happened.”

Little Steven is joined on this thrilling musical journey with his all-star band the Disciples of Soul, a 14-strong ensemble made up of some of the best studio and live musicians in the business.

Summer of Sorcery is Van Sandt at his omnivorous, humanistic best, expertly crafted and deeply rooted in the many classic genres which taught and inspired the self-proclaimed “walking history lesson” from the jump. With their richly bombastic arrangements, floor-shaking groves, and high-powered performances from all involved, new songs like ‘Soul Power Twist’ and the album kick off ‘Communion’, synthesizse Van Zandt’s incalculable range of cultural and sonic inspirations into a one-of-a-kind brass-fuelled brand of technicolour rock ‘n’ soul unlike anyone else.

The album features 10 original new songs alongside ‘Suddenly You’, an outtake from the Lilyhammer score, Netflix’s first original series, which starred Van Zandt, who also composed all the music for the show.

The album will be released on CD, digitally and on vinyl as double LP on 180-gram black vinyl. A limited edition version will be available as a double LP on 180-gram psychedelic swirl vinyl exclusively via uDiscover. All digital pre-orders will be joined by an instant download of the LP’s jet-fuelled first track release, Superfly Terraplane.

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