Sheffield’s Sherlocks Release Second Album

Sheffield's Sherlocks Release Second Album main

by Victoria Holdsworth

Following their immense debut album, Live For The Moment, South Yorkshire indie outfit The Sherlocks are set to release their eagerly anticipated second album, Under Your Sky.

This time around, the raw talents of their debut album have been replaced with a much smoother sounding album, with their sound and songwriting maturing dramatically.

The songs are derived from personal experiences, often specific to frontman Kiaran, however they are universal in emotion and Kiaran’s vocals are filled with melancholy, charm and charisma while he reflects on different stages of a relationship.

Under Your Sky aims to build on the momentum that has secured The Sherlocks supporting slots with Liam Gallagher and paved the way to international festival bookings and a fan frenzy in Japan.

Sheffield's Sherlocks Release Second Album cover2019 saw the band play energetic sets at Reading and Leeds Festival on the Festival Republic stage as well as a set at Victorious Festival, performing songs from both their albums, which were excellently, received by fans and media alike. They have also recently announced that they will be headlining Neighbourhood Festival in Manchester this October alongside Miles Kane.

“A step further”

The South Yorkshire quartet have established themselves as key contenders in a new wave of British bands keeping alt-rock and indie vital for a new generation of fans.

Whether despairing over the ambitions lost to people doing McJobs on ‘Dreams’ or dissecting the various stages of relationships on ‘Waiting’ or in the album’s heartbroken, epic finale and title track, Kiaran also found inspiration from the stories and circumstances of people in his hometown. Naturally, it is a collection which leans towards the melancholy, but vitally there is hope for better times ahead too.

“The first album was us four in a room,” Kiaran summarises. “We wanted to make it really raw like the Arctic Monkeys’ first album or Kings Of Leon’s. We wanted to capture the live sound and polish it up a bit. With this one we’ve taken it a step further, and made it slightly smoother and put more keyboards in. Rather than having the guitars thrashing all the time we have tried being a bit sweeter with it. It sounds more contemporary, I can hear it on Radio 1.”

Now available to pre-order here ‘Under Your Sky’ will be released on digital, streaming, CD, vinyl and cassette formats, plus on limited edition galaxy blue vinyl with alternative artwork on October 4


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