The Pixies Announce Leeds Date in Support of New Album

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The Pixies Announce Leeds Date in Support of New Album main

by David Schuster

Rejoice! For pioneer alt-rockers The Pixies have announced a new album and world tour, both timed for mid-September 2019.

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of the band’s influence on the modern soundscape of indie pop-rock when names such as Radiohead, The Strokes and Arcade Fire cite them as influences and rock gods including Bowie and Bono lavish them with praise. Why? Because they helped forge the template of dark surreal lyrics over catchy melody lines and dynamic shifts; loud to quiet, fast to slow that are such a staple of alternative rock today.

The first leg of the tour kicks off on 13th September and includes a date at Leeds O2 Academy on September 17.

The Pixies Announce Leeds Date in Support of New Album coverIt’s definitely going to be worth catching the live shows: Never ones for convention, the band have previously done gigs where they played their songs in alphabetical order, this promises to be no exception: The shows are going to be reactive in a way that usually only performing in intimate venues can achieve. Rather than having a prescribed set list, frontman Black Francis will tell the musicians what the next song will be though ear pieces live, as they go along. In this way they can ‘read the room’ and give the crowd their best show. If nothing else, it shows a rock-solid confidence in their musical abilities.

“Unique and precious”

A new album is also worthy of eager anticipation. Whilst this will be their eighth studio release, there was a period of more than 20 years after the completion of Trompe Le Monde before the American rockers came roaring back with Indie Cindy in 2014. So far only one single, ‘On Graveyard Hill’, has been released from Beneath the Eyrie which launches on the same 13th September date.

It’s a portentous rock track reminiscent of Husker Du, the Jesus and Mary Chain or Nirvana and conjures up Tarantino-esque images of damaged characters arriving in half-forgotten mid-western towns just ahead of the gathering storm. Additionally, offering an unusually intimate insight into the creative process, the group have launched the 12 episode ‘It’s A Pixies Podcast’ charting the production of the record, available on all the usual platforms.

Treat yourself to something unique and precious; buy the album, catch them at a gig and experience the sprinkling of Pixie dust for yourself.

For more details on the album, tour and podcast:

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