Golden Era of Dr Who Producer in Leeds for November Event

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dr who event leeds preview poster

Doctor Who Event Preview: An Afternoon with
Philip Hinchcliffe

Devotees of Doctor Who will be excited to learn that an event featuring Philip Hinchcliffe, the producer of what is arguably the golden era of the Doctor’s adventures, takes place in Leeds on 25th November. David Schuster chats to the organiser of the event, Steve Bartle.

What can people expect at ‘An Afternoon with Philip Hinchcliffe’?
For enthusiasts of classic Doctor Who, Philip Hinchcliffe is revered, and rightfully so. He steered the ship for Tom Baker’s first three seasons, a period in the show’s history which delivered classic stories consistently week after week. Attendees will get to hear first-hand his behind the scenes insights into some of the all-time great stories such ‘Pyramids of Mars’, ‘Talons of Weng-Chiang’, ‘Robots of Death’ and many more. They will also have chance to ask him any burning questions and get that all important autograph for their collections. Tremendous fun for only £10!

dr who event leeds preview logo“I want access for enthusiasts in Yorkshire”

You’re a Doctor Who fan then?
I’ve been one for as long as I can remember. In fact, my earliest childhood memory is a strange combination of some Tom Baker stories from when I was just three years old! The Doctor has been a constant companion and has meant so much to me throughout my life. When life is tough I dive into the DVDs, books, magazines or anything else I can get my hands on. I love it and it is much more than just a hobby with me, it has become a way of life.

Is that why you formed Tardis77 Promotions?
As a fan myself I have toured the length and breadth of the country for over 25 years to hear anecdotes from people both behind and in front of the camera, or to have an opportunity to meet and have a picture taken with some of my heroes. Conventions are growing in popularity year on year however, I have always been slightly frustrated that there is not more going on in Yorkshire. So, I decided to rectify that. I’ve a lot of event organisation experience and, after a recent health scare, I decided that the time was right for me to turn my abilities towards my passion. We are starting small and intimate and will stay at that level until I feel comfortable that we are ready to step things up. I want access for enthusiasts in Yorkshire to hear from some of the legends of the show. That will make me feel I’ve really achieved something.

Will I have to dress as a Cyberman to attend?
Ha ha, no! It’s an event for anyone who’s ever loved Doctor Who. It’s great that people enjoy character dressing, but it’s not for me.

‘An Afternoon with Philip Hinchcliffe’ starts at 2pm on Sunday 25th November, Headrow House, Leeds. Tickets, priced at £10, can be obtained from Tardis77 Promotions:

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