Frank Turner Gears Up for Leeds Arena Show

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Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls at Leeds Arena, 27th January 2019


by David Schuster

Frank Turner, along with his band The Sleeping Souls, will be bringing his intelligent and wryly humorous brand of alternative rock to the Leeds First Direct Arena on Sunday 27th January.

2018 saw the release of Frank’s seventh studio album, Be More Kind, a record which covers the twin but disparate themes of romance and politics. You understand why, when he says: “The world keeps getting crazier, and I just got engaged!” For the 36-year-old, the album represents a thematic and sonic line in the sand. He says: “I wanted to try and get out of my comfort zone and do something different”.

There’s sharp wisdom inherent in songs like ‘1933’ where Turner sings: “The world outside is burning with a brand-new light, but it isn’t one that makes me feel warm. Don’t go mistaking your house burning down for the dawn”, but such clarity can often be hard work to achieve.

frank turner leeds arena preview artist“Facing down the end of the world”

According to Turner, the second single, ‘Brave Face’ “took the most work of any on the record. We cut it three separate times over the course of recording. In the end, the final arrangement was heavily influenced by being on the road with Jason Isbell and hearing him play his latest material from Nashville Sound. I also reworked the lyrics a few times; I was always happy with the central metaphor, but the details needed tweaking. I like the idea of facing down the end of the world with your significant other, it’s a sort of Thelma-and-Louise image, in a way.”

So, last year was quite a year for Turner, and 2019 looks to be just as busy; the Leeds gig is just one date on a full 2019 UK arena tour, taking place between January 22nd and February 3rd. Turner also recently announced details of his award-winning festival Lost Evenings III, which will take place at Boston’s House of Blues over four nights in 2019 (one date has already sold out). The winner of the 2017 AIM Best Independent Festival Award, this is the festival’s third year, but first with an American destination.

With his tongue in cheek political barbs, Frank Turner is the natural successor to artists such as Elvis Costello, The Beautiful South and Paul Weller. If you were looking for just one reason to go and see Frank Turner live, it’s got to be in the lyrics of ‘Let’s Make America Great Again’ from Be More Kind, “Here’s some suggestions from the special relationship; Let’s make America great again, by making racists ashamed again”.

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls play Leeds Arena, 27th January, 2019

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