Fatherson to Play Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds on October

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Fatherson – Gig Preview

Hyde Park Book Club, 4th October 2018

by David Schuster

Scottish rock trio Fatherson are playing an intimate gig at the Hyde Park Book Club on Thursday 4th October.

Formed in Kilmarnock in early 2010, Fatherson have a raw, honest alt-rock sound. Inspired by Scottish stoicism as much as their own personal turmoil, debut album I Am An Island and its 2016 follow-up Open Book were masterclasses in full-throttle rock song writing. Open Book jumped straight in at No.2 in the Scottish album charts as well as performing strongly in the U.K. Other recent highlights include packing a 12,000-person tent at T in the Park.

fatherson preview leeds hyde park book club coverComprised of vocalist/guitarist Ross Leighton, bassist Marc Strain and drummer Greg Walkinshaw, the band have just released their third studio album, Sum Of All Your Parts, their most assured record to date. Recording the album in Glasgow, Strain said, “When you’re away on tour for a long time and you haven’t been back home, there’s a realism in people, especially in Glasgow, that’s very refreshing to come back to. I think the music encapsulates that quite well”. It’s an attitude that Leighton’s song writing feeds off, too. “There’s an element of not being allowed to be too big for your boots,” he explains. “Your ego will get pummelled out of you as soon as you get home, and that’s good grounding”.

“Little bit more raw”

Recorded live and in chronological sequence with Claudius Mittendorfer (Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, Weezer), Sum Of All Your Parts fizzes with a youthful energy. “A big part of this process was trying to capture that feeling of when you play a song together for the first time, and you look at each other in the face and get that smile that you can’t get rid of,” explains Walkinshaw. “We weren’t so concerned about some of the pop sensibilities. It’s a little bit more raw, and a little bit more loose, and a bit funnier, at points.”

For me, Fatherson’s sound falls somewhere between The Foo Fighters and Counting Crows, and previously they have toured with the likes of Biffy Clyro, Idlewild and Kings Of Leon. These are stadium filling names, so this is a great opportunity to see them perform in the much smaller and more relaxed setting of Hyde Park Book Club.

More info: Hyde Park Book Club

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