The 5 Best Gambling Movies You Should Definitely See

Best Gambling Movies dice

The 5 Best Gambling Movies You Should
Definitely See

One of the most popular themes in Hollywood movies has always been gambling. Some of these movies that include gambling or poker are even considered as classics nowadays. With all the casino sites out there, people might forget the thrills a real-life gambling can provide, but these movies definitely manage to convey the adrenaline rush some cash on the nail can bring.

Since they have become so popular, we’ve decided to tell you about some of the best movies that involve gambling that you definitely need to watch as soon as possible.

Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians (2011)

If you’re interested in documentaries, this is a great choice for you! This 2011 movie about the rise of the most well-funded blackjack team in the United States is definitely going to pique your interest. The team is entirely made up of churchgoing Christians. You’ll definitely wonder how they are able to lie, cheat and steal while finding their faith and God.

Killing Them Softly (2012)

This movie is going to show you that there are two types of poker players in the world. The first ones are the people who play to win. The second type are more complicated. They wait for the high-rollers to put all their money on the table and organize a hold-up to steal everything. This movie is about an amateur thief hired by the second type of poker player in order to rob an illegitimate game that is being hosted by mafia bosses. But we all know what can happen to you if you get tied up with the mafia, right?

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The Good Thief (2002)

We’re all aware that law-breaking and gambling have always been closely associated. The reason behind this is usually because when most players are in the red, they resort to doing a crime in order to stay in the game. This makes the clean players look bad, but it also makes for a good story. In The Good Thief, an old gambler wants to rob a casino, but unfortunately, all the odds are going to stack up against him.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

A cult classic starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and a bunch of other well-known celebrities. All of them get together in a crew and their goal is to rob three casinos in one night. Although it’s a remake of the 1960 movie, we really think that you shouldn’t miss the remake with its star cast.

21 (2008)

You’ve heard of card-counters, right? And how casinos hate those people who can do that? Well, this movie is about a group of college students from MIT, who are led by their professor and use a card-counting system that helps them fleece multiple casinos and win big. Their goal is to pay off their tuition fees, but there’s a high risk of getting caught because there are so many.

If you’re interested in gambling, we really recommend seeing these movies. We guarantee that you’re going to enjoy them and have a fun evening watching the events unfold.


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