6 Instagram Influencers You Need to Follow in 2017

top instagram influencers for 2017

6 Instagram Influencers You Need to Follow in 2017

Instagram is where you’ll spot the latest trends to try, as influencers push the boundaries of fashion, beauty and travel and snap beautiful pictures to show off their finds. As soon as the media picks them up, these trends become commonplace (or ridiculed as this recent make up application method proves).

That’s why it’s a good idea to beat everyone else to the boat, follow these influencers, learn what’s new first and feel smug when everyone else follows once it goes viral. The ladies featured below will offer you behind the scenes snapshots of what’s new and exciting in the world of fashion and trends in 2017 – from which make up you should give a go to where you can find the best women’s jackets for a reasonable price. Hit that follow button!

top instagram influencers for 2017 beauty travel

“Effortless outfits”

1. Aimee Song
Aimee (pronounced oh-mee) is a trendsetter invited to all the best shows at fashion weeks around the world, and is the first to know when a new trend is about to hit. She’s so clued up she even has her own fashion label in collaboration with Dani Song, promoting femininity and girl power (or pwr) through items that combine edginess with elegance. Follow her for exclusive shots of the latest catwalk, street style and edgy inspiration.

2. Megan Ellaby
For classic influencer style and inspiration, look no further than Megan Ellaby. The trendsetter when it comes to blog fashion, Ellaby knows how to work a pretty wall as a background, which pieces to pick out of a high street brand’s latest range, and is your go-to girl to follow if you want to know how to rock faux fur.

3. Emily Suresh
When it comes to street style, very few do it better than Emily Suresh who knows how to work the camera while styling up the latest fashions from the biggest brands. Check her out her feed if you want to see some of the best ways to style the latest fashion pieces. She knows how to throw a stylish look on using simplistic pieces, creating effortless outfits that are always on trend.

top instagram influencers for 2017 fashion beauty

“Eclectic style”

4. Victoria Magrath
For inspiration on how to style the latest fashion and how to take stunning self portraits, Victoria is an A-lister in the world of #fbloggers. She now works with the biggest luxury brands – from Dior to Givenchy – showcasing their latest releases and always looking good while doing so.

5. Erika Fox
NYC based blogger Erika evokes true New York style, featuring classic looks and effortlessly stylish ensembles on her Instagram. Follow her for high end inspiration, lustworthy travel shots and to see how she’s styling the latest statement piece of clothing in the Big Apple.

6. Julie Sariñara
California based Julie’s travel style is sure to give you that strong feeling of wanderlust as she features stunning beach looks alongside equally stunning holiday backdrops. Whether she’s hopping on a plane or exploring a new city, Julie always looks good and has an enviable, eclectic style to take inspiration from.


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