An Interview with Suzi Perry

suzi perry interview

Pit lane lass and gadget guru Suzi Perry dances back into the spotlight…

While she failed to reach the finals of Sport Relief’s fast-footed fundraising showcase Let’s Dance, TV presenter Suzi Perry admits she still has a keen eye on the Strictly Come Dancing trophy. The former Gadget Show girl lost out to legendary athlete and I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here star Fatima Whitbread, but would like the challenge of the reality series.

“I love doing anything for Sports Relief, which is such a wonderful charity. Maybe it’s given me a taste for Strictly Come Dancing now,” Suzi reveals. ”I think I’d relish the challenge. I suppose I just have to wait for the call now. Naturally, I’ll keep practising my rumba and cha-cha-cha while I’m waiting by the phone!”

After moving to the South of France with new husband Bastien Boosten nearly three years ago, the BBC sports presenter endures a difficult commute back to the UK every week. But admits she’d never give up her new life in the French Riviera. “It’s not the easiest of routes to work,” the 41-year-old confesses. “And it’s pretty much every Monday morning, the drive to Nice airport, the flight to London, getting settled and sorted again and back on Friday. But we have such a wonderful life in the South of France. We’re ten minutes from the sea, there are fresh food markets on every corner, we’ve got the Alps practically on our doorstep. I think we made the right choice.

“Besides, Bastien has his kids here and there’s no way we could displace them like that.”

“Everyone can catch public transport”

suzi perry in black and blue striped topSuzi, known also for negotiating her way around the pit lane for BBC’s Moto GP coverage, is working on a different type of fuel at the moment. She’s lending her star attraction to the Batchelors ‘Fuelling Britain’ campaign. The promotion provides shoppers with a chance to win free fuel for a year, and free tanks of fuel, via an on-pack promotion lasting 14 weeks from March 1st.

“It only takes a tenuous link to motoring to grab my attention! I love motoring and am passionate about cars. These are tough times when it comes to the price of keeping vehicles on the road. The petrol prices are at their highest level ever and it affects absolutely everyone.

“In other aspects of our life we can cut back here and there. But the vast majority of people are running their cars out of absolute necessity. For getting to work, getting the shopping, ferrying the kids around. There’s a romantic view that everyone can catch public transport or walk. But it’s just not practical. Very few of us have the time to be able to do that.

“So, in my mind, the chance to win a year’s supply of free petrol is the best prize going.”

“I never used to even notice the price of petrol”

But surely there are some handy tips that Suzi can share when it comes to helping our motors go further?

“There are small things that we can all do, and they will make a small difference. Things like checking your tyre pressure. If they’re under inflated, the car requires more engine power and consumes more fuel.

“And certain speeds are better for your car. If you drive at smooth speeds, you won’t use up as much fuel. In contrast, if you’re accelerating and breaking constantly, you’re wasting money. Other things like air conditioning, and having the sunroof and windows open – they’re big ‘no-nos’.”

And the TV star admits she’s ever mindful of the price of petrol.

“I never used to even notice the price of petrol and now when I fill my car up, I swear I wince when I see the receipt. The hike is just ridiculous, everyone is affected.”

Perhaps given the cheaper petrol prices in France, Suzi’s successful move to mainland Europe came with an ulterior motive.

Suzi Perry is supporting the Batchelors ‘Fuelling Britain’ campaign, which provides shoppers with a chance to win free fuel for a year, and free tanks of fuel, via an on-pack promotion lasting 14 weeks from the start of March. For more information and full terms and conditions visit


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