Top Tips for Perfecting the Perfect Patio

Top Tips for Perfecting the Perfect Patio main

Creating a beautiful patio space comes with a number of different benefits, from adding extra social space to your home to introducing a relaxing retreat for you to enjoy for some much-needed downtime. There are quite a few things to consider when it comes to updating your patio, but the following factors are the most important to ensure it’s a space you can love and enjoy.

Keep a Focus

Having a clear idea of what you want to achieve is essential when carrying out any work in the home, so staying focused and keeping your goals in mind is really beneficial to achieving what you want too. Peter Bennet, Director at Two Wests says “Having a clear focus for the garden is exactly what you need to ensure you capture the right look and feel, transporting you into your own little sanctuary in the comfort of your own home.” It’s also important to remember that not only will your patio updates improve the way you enjoy your outdoor space, but it will also help to add value to your property too.

Choose the Position

The positioning of your patio is something you need to get right. For example, on a beautiful summers afternoon, you want to ensure that your patio will see as much sun as possible, so you need to think about the positioning of your patio during your planning process. Find out where the sun sits in your garden and try to position your patio within this area to make the most of those sunnier days.

Top Tips for Perfecting the Perfect Patio chairs

Create Zones

By separating your patio into zones you can create levels to serve different purposes. For many people, the patio is the perfect space to wind down and relax, with comfortable furniture and soft decorative touches to create your own mini oasis, whilst at the same time being a great space for social activities such as throwing a BBQ or garden party to spend quality time with family and friends, so you want to capture the right balance. You can create zones by introducing furniture pieces, like the pieces that make up this stunning range at Dunelm, that separate certain areas, or alternatively, you could look at adding a raised area to your patio to really create different sections.

Personal Style

You often find that personal style is reflected throughout a home’s interiors, which is why it’s beneficial to continue this on to your patio area. Having a clear decor style helps to enhance your home’s atmosphere and create a warm and welcoming environment – a cosy theme can run through the home which is ideal when using the space for social gatherings and family get-togethers.

Your patio is a space that you can use for expressing your personal style and perhaps being a little more adventurous, whether that’s introducing some bold plants to the area or adding some unique cushions and throws to your outdoor furniture.


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