Top Renovations that Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Top Renovations that Make Your Home Energy Efficient main

With the ever-rising cost of electricity and the negative impact burning fossil fuels has on the environment, it is clear that the human race has to tap into renewable energy. Unfortunately, most homes were not built with energy efficiency in mind, which leaves most people vulnerable to the high cost of power. Apart from trying to get the best deals from Simply Switch, you can also explore other easy ways of reducing your electric bill.

However, if you are looking into more significant changes, here are 5 renovation strategies that can make your home very energy efficient;

1. Install a cool roof

A cool roof works by reflecting sunlight away from the house and therefore absorbs very little heat. That means your house will be very cool when its 45 degrees outside and you do not need to use your HVAC or fans to cool the house. If your roof is old, or it wasn’t installed with energy-efficient in mind, renovating is a good idea. This will keep heat from slipping into your house through the roof.

2. Get new windows

Windows are essential to your home. They bring in natural lighting and add to the aesthetics of your home. However, a lot of heat could be escaping through your windows and making your electric bills soar. Stand close to your window with a candle and check if the flame flickers. You can also place your finder near window corners. If you feel a cool breeze coming in, be sure that a lot of heat is escaping from your house. If you notice any of these signs, it is time to renovate your windows and make them energy efficient.

Top Renovations that Make Your Home Energy Efficient insullation

3. Insulation

Leaking air is one of the major contributors to electric bills. Focus on insulating and sealing all air leaks. Good insulation will take more work, and you may need experts to help. If you are handy and good with tools, this would be a good hands-on DYI project. You need to insulate your attic, your floors, walls, and more importantly, your basement. Not only will this reduce air leaks, but it will also make the HVAC perform better.

4. Install a storm door

One of the areas where energy loss occurs is through the door. Even if your house has an energy-efficient door, adding a storm door will reduce the energy loss by up to 50percent. A storm door protects you in case of a heavy storm or any catastrophic weather conditions. A storm door is usually very affordable, and it will last for decades.

5. Add new HVAC ducts

The original plan of the house might have placed the HVAC system in the attic or basement. This means it has to work very hard to cool or heat the house. Adding new HVAC ducts to heated areas ensures your HVAC doesn’t have to work extra hard. Alternatively, you can insulate the ducts if you are not ready for such a huge renovation project.

Getting an energy audit should be the first step you take before you begin renovations. The audit will expose the areas that could use some improvements and other things you can do to make your house more energy-efficient.


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