Thinking of Adding a Porch to Your House?

Thinking of Adding a Porch to Your House main

Are you thinking of adding a porch to your house? Let’s review some of the most common designs you could have installed. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of each option.

A Wall Mounted Porch

Wall mounted porches are only an option when the house can support it. However, this design doesn’t require any lower supports or legs on the ground. This makes it ideal for narrow steps and complex stairways. You’ll have shade and protection from the rain while fiddling with your keys or searching for something in your purse. Note that you can find porches that are both wall and ground mounted. This may be necessary to support the load of a very large porch or one that is on the edge of what your current walls could support on their own. Wall mounted porches that don’t require additional supports on the ground are the easiest to fit and the most cost-effective solution.

A Lean-To Porch

A lean-to porch has a sloping roof supported by four legs. This design gives you exemplary protection from the rain, and it creates shade in that area, as well. The design can blend in with a home with a sloping roof or complement an existing awning. One of the benefits of a lean-to porch is its simplicity. This is something a novice DIY could build from a well-made kit. If something goes wrong, you can remove it. They’re also a good choice if you have limited space in front of your home.

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A plinth creates a semi-enclosed porch. It is open at the front to give you full access to the area. It has a triangular roof that sheds rain. And it has one of a variety of panel walls that rise a third to half the way up the supports. This gives you an element of privacy if sitting on the porch. It can keep packages sitting on the porch out of general view. It provides extra protection from the rain and the elements. You could have balustrades, mullions, and other elements used to make the area almost enclosed on two sides without cutting off air flow.

You could choose brick or wood panelling. There are a number of options from The Porch Specialist. They can provide a design that matches the architecture of your home so that it looks like it has always been part of the house. They specialise in oak framed porch kits that match English heritage homes, but these kits are an excellent addition to modern homes, as well. You can assemble them on site to lower the overall cost.

The cost of the porch goes up with complexity. So does the labour involved. If you’re asking for a kit that includes decorative elements and brick walls, you need to have expert handyman skills or hire someone to do the work, because any mistake will be obvious. Make a mistake with the rafters or support beams, and it could come crashing down. That could damage the house itself. On the other hand, these projects are beautiful when they come out right.


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