Your Guide to Real Estate Investment in Yorkshire

Your Guide to Real Estate Investment in Yorkshire main

Your Guide to Real Estate Investment in Yorkshire

If you’re looking to invest in property, Yorkshire is a great place to consider. While the housing market isn’t as strong as it once was, some places are still seeing a boom in investment and Yorkshire is definitely one of them.

Here, we’ll look at why real estate in Yorkshire is thriving and the top areas to invest in.

Great for commercial as well as personal investment

What’s great about the Yorkshire property market is that it is proving to be lucrative for both personal and commercial investments. In the second quarter of 2018, Yorkshire and the Humber attracted a staggering £800 million in commercial investment. This was the highest of any region in the UK outside of the capital.

The amount of commercial investment in the area is great news for personal property investors too. The more business that is brought into Yorkshire, the more demand for personal properties there will be.

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Leeds considered property hotspot in 2018

While Yorkshire itself has been named a property hotspot in 2018, there are certain areas which are considered better than others in terms of investments. Leeds for example, is one of the most prominent areas that has come out on top.

The city attracts over 65,000 students a year thanks to its excellent universities. This gives buy to let landlords a great opportunity to cash in on student rentals. The number of businesses investing in the area has also brought a lot of job opportunities, making the city a top choice for professionals.
So, whether you’re looking to invest in a property for yourself, or you’re looking to invest in a commercial or buy to let property, Leeds is a fantastic city to consider. You can find great bargains on Yorkshire properties through companies such as GVA.

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Lack of supply makes it a great time to sell

House prices in the North haven’t been hit as hard as they have elsewhere in the UK. This is another reason Yorkshire is proving to be a popular place to invest. In fact, there’s been a modest growth in house prices during the first half of the year. This, along with a lack of supply, has made it an exciting time for sellers.

So, those looking to invest in property with a goal to sell, will find Yorkshire a great destination to consider.

As you can see, when it comes to property investment, Yorkshire does have a lot of potential. It’s one of the few areas in the UK which is still experiencing a healthy, lucrative property market. The supply of properties isn’t keeping up with current demand, so buy to let or sell properties are especially lucrative right now.


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