Yorkshire House Prices vs London

Yorkshire House Prices vs London main

Yorkshire House Prices vs London

In terms of the house prices, London has always been vastly more expensive than other parts of the UK. The hub of industry, trade and entertainment in the nation, London’s housing market is designed to allow only the richest and most prolific people to enjoy a comfortable residency there. So, is this popular consensus changing?

Well, perhaps, but not quickly. Consequently, here’s a quick re-evaluation of the house prices of Yorkshire and London.

Yorkshire House Prices vs London capital

London Prices

London, for all it’s grandeur and expense, is supposedly becoming more affordable. While some of the ways it’s pulling it off are legitimate and exciting (more to come on that later), the main way it’s happening is daunting and dire for the economy; namely the house price crash. After all, if property prices fall in a manner that isn’t controlled and planned, it’s bad for everyone.

This is something that many people are failing to grasp while they assume that low prices immediately correspond with affordability. Not so. It’s also a sign that jobs will be affected, that an entire housing market is waning, and that buyers could well move into a ‘cheap’ property only to lose their job days later. Builders will lose their commission. In the end, housing prices aren’t set for fun, they’re there for a reason and aren’t being lowered for the sake of a viable economy; rather because of an unstable one.

Yorkshire House Prices vs London flats

Yorkshire Prices

Meanwhile in Yorkshire, things seem better. While house prices in god’s own country are at an historic high, the ratio of house prices to earnings is far more stable, meaning more affordable too. There’s also just more for what you pay for too; instead of handing over extortionate amounts of cash for a tiny one-bedroom London flat, you can get a family home in Yorkshire with a couple of acres of land for the same amount.

For example, the golden triangle (the areas between Leeds, York and Harrogate), which houses some of Yorkshire’s most wealthy elite, has homes worth an average of £280,000. The pricing is so appealing that Londoners are flocking from the capital and back to Yorkshire to take advantage of the value for money. Ultimately, it’s this kind of stark shift that’s simply too good for many Londoners to refuse.

Yorkshire House Prices vs London living

Is London Becoming More Affordable?

Still, even though London is still more expensive overall, people are finding small, cost-effective solutions to afford living there. Some jobs have had small salary increases compared to other parts of the nation, meaning that more and more people can afford a little flat to get by. Additionally, it’s now more popular for people to live with their friends, or even strangers who are also on hard times.

Therefore, anyone looking to move down south should start as soon as possible and get organised; it’s quite possible in many London boroughs. Along with the previously mentioned perks, they can also seek the high-quality services of a good property agent to help them during their search. For those craving the capital city life, living in London is ever so slightly less a pipe dream today.


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