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Do you want to extend the life of your carpet and find someone you trust to undertake the deep cleaning of your carpets while saving money in the process? Then, professional carpet cleaning is what you are looking for.

What is professional Carpet Cleaning?

Professional Carpet Cleaning is the deep cleaning of carpets with the help of a skilled expert and specialized equipment. It’s a process that should be repeated frequently, as carpets hold onto a big build up of microorganisms and bacteria. Additionally, occasional stains can have a strong effect on them and therefore the overall look of your space as well as their life expectancy. 

During the process, high power vacuums, steamers as well as specialized detergents will be used among others to ensure the removal of stains, bacteria and allergens. Depending on the material your carpet is made of and your personalized needs (i.e, biological cleaning is recommended if there are children, pets and/or people with allergies,) the methods and substances used will vary. 

An expert will take in mind all of these parameters and ensure there will be no colour bleeding or inappropriate handling to ensure a desired outcome and prolong your carpet’s life.

Admittedly, it is something that anyone can attempt on their own. However, using an experienced professional will provide faster, better and guaranteed results. Also,with the use of professional equipment you are saving money in the process, as you will not have to change carpets regularly.

Not only that but in case you are living in a rental property you will not have to stress about spending extra money at the end of tenancy to have your landlord take care of it.

At length, it is a highly demanding process that a professional can undertake much more successfully while you will not have to worry about the outcome.

How does professional Carpet Cleaning take place?

For a professional carpet cleaning appointment to take place, a qualified expert will come to your property to provide an on-site cleaning.

The session usually consists of three steps:

Cleaning and Inspection
After thorough inspection, the carpet is cleaned with high power vacuums to get rid of any dust and hairs.

Colour testing, washing and rinsing
Colour testing takes place to ensure there will be no colour bleeding. Washing follows as the main part of the cleaning to get rid of deep rooted dirt as well as stains.

Steam sterilization
To eliminate allergens and bacteria, the expert will follow up with sterilization usually by steam. In rare cases this will be achieved via dry cleaning if the carpet material requires so. It is an important step as it will eliminate microorganisms and allergens from your carpet’s surface.

How much can I expect to pay for professional Carpet Cleaning?

The main factors that determine the carpet cleaning cost in total are the methods used, the type and the material of the carpet. I.e: nylon, silk, cotton, hand or machine made.

Overall, you should expect to pay £60-120 with the minimum starting at £35.

What are the methods used?

In professional carpet cleaning, the methods used are usually very different than the ones maintained via household equipment. 

Professional carpet cleaners will use high end specialized machinery, techniques and materials to achieve their results. Some of the most popular methods are:

  • Special detergents and cleaning factors: These will deep cleanse by removing harsh stains from the fibres and provide protection against mites.
  • Biological Carpet Cleaning: A child and pet friendly process that removes dangerous allergens from the surface of your carpet.
  • Steam cleaning: Also known as hot water extraction. A high performance unit will be used to destroy germs and improve the air quality of your space.

Arrange for professional carpet cleaning today!

Carpet Cleaning is a demanding, mood, time and power consuming activity that needs to be repetitive to achieve a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment. Not only that, but not everyone possesses the necessary equipment to get it done on their own and even if you do, why spend so much money on equipment and resources that might not provide desirable results?

Not sure where to find a professional you can trust ? We have your back! Go to now to view a big list of experienced professionals that will get the job done and take the chance to view quotes up-front to know for sure the total cost beforehand!  


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