The Future of New Builds in Yorkshire

The Future of New Builds in Yorkshire property

The Future of New Builds in Yorkshire

Government aid could see the development of more residential building in the Yorkshire area, sparking hope for a new generation of potential home-owners.

Community housing projects in Yorkshire have been trucking along somewhat slowly, as they’ve lacked the full financial support to really get going. Courtesy of The Northern Echo, The Community Housing Fund has been given the go ahead to lend a hand and pitch in. Yorkshire is expected to undertake conversions too, such as the planned transformation of Bainbridge Chapel. From this, Yorkshire can expect a strong momentum that sees more affordable housing come to the fore.

“Now is the time for communities wanting to build more permanently affordable housing in their local areas” – Sarah Hall, REACH.

Of course, one of the main perks of this is that Yorkshire communities are directly involved from the start. They have an influence on all the proceedings, from who the homes are for to where they are situated. Consequently, there is a higher likelihood of housing problems getting solved, as Yorkshire folk know what’s needed for their local area more than a London bound government. The new builds can be centred around what Yorkshire both wants and needs through community spirit and understanding. Moreover, the efforts are for no sense of profit and is run almost entirely by good-willed volunteers, lending extra credibility to the projects.

The Future of New Builds in Yorkshire house

“Cost-effective solutions”

The desire for new homes in Britain has never been more prevalent. Whether the cause is down to pricing or availability, the nationwide housing market has faced a steady flow of issues for a few years now, leaving many to worry. Younger millennials are primarily affected, as they simply can’t afford to secure their own homes. After being cast into debt by university, many graduates leave to find themselves jobless and back at home with their parents. For many of the younger generations, the best-case scenario is being stuck in a swirling spiral of rent payments that last for years, losing thousands of pounds each year with little payoff.

However, building new homes is only half of the job. A brand-new home can be cripplingly overpriced, and in some areas can sit empty for a good long while before a serious buyer comes along. Consequently, they need to be sold fast and easy for the benefit of both buyer and seller. Transparency, efficiency and cost-effective solutions become key here, with the hope of landing convenient deals for all concerned. Therefore, whether it’s a busy estate agent or an online auction, the new builds need to go as quick as they can so they can be utilised to the fullest.

Of course, there are those who argue that building more homes will not solve anything, but ultimately this tactic is better than nothing. More homes mean more opportunity and permanent residents, giving more and more people at least a chance to climb on the housing ladder. The new builds and conversions in Yorkshire ultimately make this more possible, opening the area to more permanent residents through cost-effective purchases and wider availability.


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