Modern Downsizing: The Rise In Smart And Comfortable Cottages

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Gone are the days where larger homes are the go-to preference of homeowners. Over 95,000 residents in Yorkshire over the age of 65 are considering downsizing, according to Key Retirement. Naturally, this has affected the home construction and design industries around Yorkshire. One particular sector that is enjoying a particular boom is the cottage industry.

The Appeal Of Self-Building And Fabrication

Whether its first-time or last-time home buyers looking for something new, something unites them: a limited budget. This is where cottages have an edge over more modern homes on the market. For example, an old agricultural building in Yorkshire was transformed into a comfortably snug cottage for around £80,000. This requires cutting and fabrication to ensure the pieces of wood and other materials are cut to precise specifications. MadeCNC recommends state-of-the-art machines for design-led projects in order to ensure a nuanced finish. This makes adding a unique character to a cottage entirely possible, and allows renovation to remain in keeping with the area.

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Smart Same-Sizing Instead Of Downsizing

The idea of downsizing is a relatively familiar one. Yet in more recent times, a unique concept was born: the idea of “same-sizing” wherein one does not move into smaller quarters. Instead, one may choose to move into a home of the same size but gain all the advantages of modernisation. So modern cottages are now outfitted with smart features that promote energy and water efficiency. Home buyers are treated to the unique atmosphere of a charming cottage retrofitted with the comforts of modern technology. The addition of accessibility is also something that will widely benefit elderly persons.

The Projected Future Of The Cottage Industry

The appeal of a snug cottage isn’t going away any time soon, and coupled with the modernisation preferences, the future is indeed looking bright for the cottage industry. A good example of this is the £1.6 million development that will rise in the location of an old Yorkshire pub between Harrogate and Ripon. This is merely a single example of several projects that are seeking to find roots around Yorkshire, where cottage-living is picturesque. It is a comfort that home buyers will have a thriving industry to provide more options regarding same-sizing and design-led fabrication appeal.

If there is anything that is to be relied upon, it is the fact that industries will shift in accordance with the preferences of the consumers. On this occasion, the cottage building and design industry are aiming to meet the rising demand for both downsizing and same-sizing in a familiar and comfortable way. It will certainly be interesting to note how else cottages are embraced in the coming years.


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