Renting with Pets: Here’s What You Need to Know


As a nation of animal lovers – it comes as no great surprise that over 44% of households have pets. That’s over 51 million pets owned in the UK alone!

But what do we do with our furry friends when it comes to renting? For letting agents in Warrington, this is a subject that comes up a lot, and we can understand why. With just 4% of UK landlords allowing tenants to keep pets – today we’re going to be talking about what you should know when it comes to renting with pets.

It’s nothing personal

When it comes to our pets, it can be difficult to take emotion out of the equation, but the truth is that the vast majority of landlords aren’t pet-haters! Getting a home fit for renting out is no small undertaking, so landlords who are reluctant to allow pets are usually just protecting their investment.

After all – pets can chew furniture and walls, damage soft furnishings and become points of contention for neighbours (particularly if your pet is noisy!) – so what can you do as a pet owner to reassure a potential landlord that you and your pets are worthy tenants? 

Top tips for getting your landlord to consider a pet

Found your dream rental property but let down by those three fatal words – “No Pets Allowed”? Here are some ideas to consider that might just turn things around.

1. Invite landlords to come to your current home

Hear us out here. It’s one thing to advertise your pet as the perfect tenant, but it’s another thing entirely to show it. Inviting your potential new landlord to visit your current premises and see for themselves that not only is the place clean and tidy, but it is also damage-free is perhaps the most effective way to change their minds about your pet.

2. Offer to pay a higher deposit

Ultimately, your landlord is trying to ensure that their hard work and financial investment isn’t going to be destroyed, so by offering a higher deposit than is required can be a great way of reassuring them that you will take full responsibility for any damages caused during your tenancy.

3. Commit to a professional house clean when you leave 

Getting a rental property professionally cleaned between tenancies is one of the responsibilities any landlord should be taking to ensure a clean and presentable property for new tenants. But, by offering to arrange and pay for a professional deep clean when you leave can further reassure landlords that you’re really taking your role as a tenant seriously and further emphasises how you’re happy to take full responsibility for any mess your pet makes.

Find the right landlord for you 

Sometimes no amount of preparation will change the mind of an adamant landlord, so what’s next? Finding a letting agents Warrington that can source and match you with the perfect landlord for you – and your pet – is the best way to save time and energy. One such letting agent is Easylet Residential who specialise solely in rental properties and have many years’ experience under their belt. So, if you’re struggling to get into the right sort of property – get in touch with Easylet Residential today,


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