24 Iconic Characters from Pop Culture: How Many can Afford their Homes?

24 iconic characters from pop culture How many can afford their homes main

Houses are expensive things, aren’t they? Whilst London has been the focus of the UK’s attention on this topic, up here in Yorkshire prices have quietly continued to climb. Whilst you can still get a lot more for you money here than in London, for many, owning a house is becoming more of a pipe dream rather than an inevitability.

It can be a tough thing to come to terms with, especially when you switch on the TV and see some of our favourite characters parading around in luxury surroundings.

But could these characters actually afford these lavish abodes?

A new interactive, created by Canstar, allows you to view the annual earnings of 24 iconic TV and film characters and find out if they could afford their mortgage and how long it’d take them to pay it off.

The characters range from the likes of Tony Stark to Sherlock Holmes and even James Bond. Whilst Tony Stark and his giant pay packet make affording his luxury penthouse a pretty comfortable mission, the same can’t be said for 007 and the world’s greatest detective, whose surprisingly ordinary salaries are no match for the London housing market.

The interactive allows you to choose from three types of currency, from US/Aussie dollars to British Pounds, as well as allowing you to compare your own income to that of any of the 24 characters included. This allows you to find out which of these famous houses you could afford on your wage.

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