How to keep your home safe over Christmas


Criminals probably do wish it could be Christmas every day because its peak season for them.

Long, dark nights coupled with people out socialising and (expensive) gifts in the house mean that there are prime pickings for burglars and the reality is that the police are very likely to be too busy to take effective action against them, especially at Christmas when they will have so many other demands for their time.

This means that the onus is on home-owners to secure their properties. The team at Manchester estate agents Indlu share their tips on keeping your home safe.

Secure your perimeter

This is almost always the number-one tip in any security-related situation but the ease with which it can be implemented can vary widely. If you have a garden, it is best if you can put some sort of border around it so nobody can claim to have strayed onto your property “by accident”.

Motion-sensitive lights can not only make it obvious when someone is heading to your door, they can make life a whole lot easier for CCTV cameras, which are much more affordable than they used to be.

Putting down gravel on the approach to your property can also help to highlight when someone is moving towards your door.

Make sure outbuildings are kept secure

As a pro tip for outbuildings, if they have windows, use privacy film to allow light in while keeping prying eyes out. This is widely available and very affordable.

Keep doors and windows properly locked

Even if you’re only “popping out”, lock your door and lock it properly, meaning Yale and mortice locks. The same goes for your windows, although this should be easy since you’ll presumably be keeping them closed. 

If you haven’t already, fit at least your front door with a spyglass and a chain. Do this even if you have a smart doorbell.

That way if weather brings down your internet you’ll still have a way of checking who’s on the other side of a door before you open it.

On that note, if you have glass on your door, then, again, consider privacy film. You can buy this in decorative designs so it looks like it’s meant for decoration.

Last but by no means least, remember that your letterbox is a point of entry to your home, even if a hand can’t fit through it, a grabbing-tool might, so think about what you keep next to it and consider investing in an insulated letterbox, which helps to keep the heat in too.

Don’t invite trouble

If you must keep a spare key hidden then make sure it’s properly hidden, for example, invest in a proper key box with a code. Make sure any tools are put away, so they can’t be used opportunistically.

Keep valuables out of sight of anyone who may be looking in through a window. Consider wrapping empty boxes and putting them under the tree instead of proper presents.

Think before you post on social media, wait until after events to post about them and never give out details of valuable presents you’ve bought or received.

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