Home Security at Christmas – It Seems Many Brits Won’t be ‘Driving Home for Christmas’

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Research Reveals how Security Savvy (or not) the Nation are with Their Homes

Just 25% of Sheffield homeowners will be using cameras to keep an eye on their homes whilst they’re away

With the up and coming festive season looming, new research has explored just how security conscious the Brits are when it comes to their homes and possessions whilst they’re away.

  • 35.2% of Brits expected to be away from home this Christmas
  • Friends, family and neighbours are often left to play the good Samaritan and check in on properties whilst their inhabitants are away
  • As a nation of social media fanatics, our online antics could actually be hindering our security efforts, with the South East of England being the biggest culprits

A recent study by Direct Blinds has shown that people’s home security could be in jeopardy this Christmas.

Research suggests that more than a third of Brits are planning a Christmas getaway this year. This, combined with a mixture of oversharing online and a lack of security precautions, could mean that people are putting their homes at risk to criminal damage and theft.

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56.7% of Brits admit that they consider their actions online to be a threat to their home security when they are away from home. However, 50% of people still admitted to sharing information on social media whilst away on holiday.

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22% of people admitted to sharing photos on holiday – 19% will ‘check in’ to bars and restaurants, and 9% tag themselves at the airport when they are about to jet off. Some do not recognise this as being a potential issue though, with 12.6% of the public not believing that their online social media activity could be affecting their home security at all.

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Despite such a large amount of people acknowledging the potential repercussions, residents in both capital cities in the UK are the worst culprits when it comes to their online movements. 77.8% of Edinburgh residents and 75.6% of Londoners are regularly using their social channels to share information when they are on holiday. On the other hand, the statistics reveal that Glaswegians were the most security conscious, being the least likely to reveal their movements on their social media.

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When it comes to precautions, residents of the South West of England are most likely to ensure there are options in place before they go away. The most favoured precaution has been revealed as being to set the lights on a timer, with over 46.7% of those asked opting for this method of security.

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72% of people said that they feel safest knowing that their homes are being checked in on by a friend, neighbour or family member. Despite this, only a tiny 10% regularly request this favour from a trusted person. Shockingly, more than a third admit that they fail to make any provisions before they go away on holiday.

David Roebuck, Managing Director at Direct Blinds, commented on the findings: “With many planning a Christmas getaway this year, people need to be conscious of how their social media habits could have an impact on their home security. 1 in 8 people do not think that sharing on social media has an impact on this, but you may be inadvertently revealing to the world that you have an empty home when you tag posts and share photos of your getaway on social media.

“If you don’t want to change your behaviour on social media, you can make sure your home is safe this Christmas by taking some small precautions to deter thieves. Something as simple as shutters could make sure you’re not left out in the cold following your Christmas festivities.”

More information can be found here: directblinds.co.uk.


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