7 Great Closing Gifts for a Yorkshire Estate Agent

Great Closing Gifts for a Yorkshire Estate Agent spice rack

The Yorkshire real estate market is a highly competitive one and agents are always trying to find new ways to differentiate themselves and stand apart from the herd. Closing gifts have long been used to not only show appreciation to clients, but they leave a great impression as well.

Whether you’ve been working with a home buyer to find their dream home or helping a seller seal the deal, the next step for many estate agents is finding the perfect closing gift. This gift is an excellent way to leave a good impression with someone who could refer a number of new clients to you. It is also an opportunity to tie up loose ends. The challenge, though, is coming up with a

unique gift that the client will appreciate. Here are seven great closing gifts for any Yorkshire estate agent.

A Spice Rack

A spice rack is generally quite useful, and it is a great way to break in a new kitchen. You can fill it with a variety of spices, confident they’ll use at least a few of them. If you aren’t sure which spices to get, put in the basics like fancy salt and let them fill in the rest. If you aren’t certain they’ll appreciate a spice rack but know they want to utilize their new, large kitchen, opt for a personalized cutting board instead. If you have it engraved with a message like “welcome home”, this shows that you’ve put thought and effort into the purchase instead of just buying something off the shelf.

Restaurant Gift Cards

Someone moving into a new home may not have much time to cook, so they’ll typically appreciate a restaurant gift card. Make sure it is a type of restaurant they’ll enjoy. You may want to look for a restaurant that delivers, since they could then enjoy dinner in their home while they’re unpacking without having to try and find a new place to eat.

Great Closing Gifts for a Yorkshire Estate Agent rubber stamp

Rubber Stamps

There are few gifts that fit so many categories, but a personalised rubber stamp is practical, personal, and immediately useful. The new homeowner has secured a new address. They’re going to need to fill out envelopes with the new address, and they may struggle to remember it. They may be sending out notices for weeks informing people they’ve moved. Or you could tailor the message to reflect their life circumstances, such as a note that “the newlyweds have moved”.

What’s great about rubber stamps is that you know they’ll appreciate and use them. You already have their name and new address, too. And unlike the flowers they may throw out in a week, they’ll probably use the rubber stamps – and think of you – for a very long time. To take it one step further, you could put your branding slogan, company name and contact information on the stamp’s exterior. If you don’t know where to look, there are plenty of places where you can find customised rubber stamps online at an affordable price.

A Mailbox Sign

A personalised mailbox sign with the new homeowner’s last name is a perfect gift, assuming they don’t consider this a violation of privacy. If in doubt, a brand-new mailbox with a fresh coat of paint could be in order. Alternatively, you could give them a small plaque to stop junk mail.

Great Closing Gifts for a Yorkshire Estate Agent mailbox

A Welcome Mat

Welcome mats are the first things many people see when they enter a home. You could buy a personalised welcome mat and put it in front of the home when you escort the new owners to the door. It will be a pleasant surprise. Just stick to a neutral, friendly pattern to practically guarantee they’ll appreciate it.

Matching Keyrings

Where are my new house keys? Which key does this go to? You can answer these questions and more by giving people matching keyrings with copies of the key to their new home. For couples and especially newlyweds, you could include their initials on the keyrings.

A Birdhouse or Feeder

Almost anyone who has purchased a house with a garden could appreciate a birdhouse or bird feeder. They’re easy to set up and come in an array of attractive colours. If there’s no room for a birdfeeder, you could offer a window box ready for fresh herbs. An alternative gift along the same lines would be a potted plant for the living room or a lucky tree for the garden.

The purpose of the closing gift is, at a minimum, to show them that you value the relationship beyond the business transaction. When done right, it can leave a positive impression that keeps you in mind and help you get some of those precious word of mouth recommendations that every estate agent craves.


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