A Glimpse of the Student Life in York


York is a historic and lively city located in North Yorkshire and has an expected population of about 208,807. York lies at the confluence or the junction of two rivers, the Ouse and the Foss, about midway between London and Edinburgh. The name “York” is a Latin name for “city”.

York is the perfect blend of history and culture – founded by ancient Romans. The history of York begins with the Romans, and it was founded in about 71 A.D. York is also known as a major wool trading centre. In 2018, York was named as the best place to live in the UK by the Sunday Times. According to the YouGov data, From the 57 English, Welsh and Scottish cities, York is Britain’s most liked city, this data is released on the opinions of more than 55,000 people. York has been voted as the best UK city in the Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Readers’ Travel Awards 2019.

Wondering how your life is going to be like in York? Be ready to have the most memorable and amazing phase of your life.

York is a student-friendly city famous for its rich history, beautiful attractions, museums and galleries, delightful restaurants, good-vibe cafés, and great music venues. There is a range of city-centre clubs that offer hip-hop, dance, 80s, rock and metal, and York has over 365 pubs, which means you will never be bored while staying there! So, whenever students need to de-stress, an amazing pub is never too far away. Students can head to places such as York Theatre Royal, Grand Opera House and City Screen York. There are so many exciting things to do in York, including festivals like Aesthetica film festival, Viking and River festival, luma film festival, and many more. Students can also do part-time jobs, internships, or volunteering. According to the Complete University Guide 2016, York also rated as the number one city in the region for student safety.

A Glimpse of the Student Life in York university

Where to study in York?

York is a beautiful city, home to two Universities and thousands of Students.

The University of York

Established in 1963, The University of York is one of the UK’s prestigious Russell Group universities. Since the foundation of the University, its focus has been on academic excellence and student satisfaction, which has resulted in a strong reputation. The University is one of the world’s best institutions for life-changing research. It provides extracurricular activities to support students, volunteering, project-based work experience, and education opportunities abroad. The university campus is about 500 acres. The University of York ranked 22nd in the Times University Guide (2019), 20th in the guardian university guide 2020. York has nine colleges: Derwent College, Langwith College, Alcuin College, Vanbrugh College, Goodricke College, Wentworth College, James College, Halifax College, and Constantine College. York has many successful alumni, including Harry Enfield (Comedian), Anthony Horowitz (Author and screenwriter) and Han Seung-Soo (Prime Minister of South Korea).

York St John University

Established on 17th May 1841, York St John University has been changing lives through education for over 175 years. In February 2006, the college was granted the right to award degrees and also the right to call itself a university college. The privy council approved the college to become a university in July 2006, and then it became York St John University on 1st October 2006. St John University opened its campus in London in 2018. The University received bronze in the Teaching Excellence Framework in 2017.

Accommodation options in York

When choosing a secure student accommodation make sure it meets all requirements – after all it could be your home for a few years. You will eat, sleep, study and live there. So, you need to research deeply, keeping the location, facilities, distance to travel and payment patterns in mind. Many students study in the UK each year, giving it a consistently high ranking because of the diverse population and a reputation for the excellent education system, with top-class universities.

A Glimpse of the Student Life in York shops

1. Single bed studio

• Cost – 189- 216 pounds per week.
• What it has to offer – a semi-furnished single bedroom equipped with a kitchen and washroom and If you are lucky, a balcony as well.
• Pros – Students will get the freedom of staying alone and exploring life in York.
• Cons – Sometimes students don’t get the spacious rooms which might be claustrophobic.

2. Apartment

• Cost – 159- 175 pounds per week.
• What it has to offer? – Based on the location and the area of your apartment, the amenities can vary. But most of the time, you get a kitchen area and a laundry room.
• Pros – Students are free to do whatever they want. All your friends can stay under one roof and can live life the way they want.
• Cons – Students need to do everything on their own, which can become a strain on their hectic university life.

3. Student Halls

• Cost – 100- 161 pounds per week.
• What it has to offer? – The entire building is packed with students from the University. Also, there is ample space for each student and provides a nice homely touch as you might come across a few people from your hometown in one of these places.
• Pros – Students have all the amenities that they could wish for.
• Con – single bedrooms aren’t available, so even a sense of privacy isn’t available. Sometimes it can also get overcrowded.

Well, the above are the options students can choose from.

Confused about where to stay in York? This might help you.

Choosing where to live is a complicated task, especially in a diverse city like York. This list of the most popular student areas to stay near the University of York & St John’s University are:

Hull Road (south)

Hull Road is a trendy area with students, and you can find many shops on Hull road where you can find basic amenities. This is also the closest area to the University of York. So, this location can be best for students studying at the University of york.

Property near Hull Road

The Boulevard York (£159 – £199 price per week)

Lawrence Street

This can be the best location for students who love city life as it is located next to the city centre. Lawrence Street is hugely popular with students and is ideal for students studying in the York University Heslington West Campus.

Property nearby Lawrence Street

Vita Student York (£206 – £277 price per week)


Fishergate is located between Fulford and the city centre, next to the River Ouse. This location is quite convenient for students studying in the York St John campus and The University of York. Fishergate is an extremely popular area for students.

Property near Fishergate

iQ The Brickworks, York (£175 – £223 price per week)

Well, the city has so much to offer, explore as much as you can. Whatever you choose to do, York definitely will not disappoint! Have an amazing stay there!


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