Zen Ergopedic Mattress from Memory Foam Warehouse – Review

Zen Ergopedic Mattress from Memory Foam Warehouse main

Zen Ergopedic Mattress from Memory Foam Warehouse


by Angela Callard

If you have to sit and wrack your brain like I did about exactly how many years ago it was since you bought your old mattress then I would say it is probably time you considered an update. Despite the fact that aching lower backs and dead arms on a morning had become the norm in my house, it took a remarkably long time before either me or my partner even mentioned the prospect of getting a new one. A story I imagine that is all too familiar in many households. But boy am I glad that we did!

We chose the Zen Ergopedic memory foam mattress from Memory Foam Warehouse for its claims of a lumber support system to target lower back pain. Also, as an asthma sufferer and mum of three, the fact that it was hypo-allergenic and had a washable cover was, quite frankly, ticking all the boxes.

Zen Ergopedic Mattress from Memory Foam Warehouse close up

“Feel of luxury”

The mattress arrived in a tightly-packed roll and we watched in wonder as, once unrolled, it slowly plumped up on our bed

Comprising of three layers which include an 8cm memory foam bottom layer, a mid layer for lumber support and a soft-quilted top layer it looked stylish and modern with grey sides and a white top.

My first reaction as I eagerly lay down for a first try was a long and satisfied sigh as I slowly sank down (but just enough) into a texture I can only describe as a firm marshmallow, soft enough for comfort but firm enough for support. Compared to my old spring mattress this had a real feel of luxury about it.

Zen Ergopedic Mattress from Memory Foam Warehouse bed

“Moulds to your shape”

Now we have tested our new addition for several weeks and my lower back could not be more grateful as it no longer needs rubbing every morning. My partner, who suffers from Carpal tunnel and would wake frequently with the dreaded ‘dead hands syndrome’ and often had to resort to wearing wrist supports in bed, has so far been trouble-free too.

The whole body feels supported as the foam subtly moulds to your shape. That said, it does not share the problem of staying in that shape once you have changed position, like some of the other memory foam mattresses I have tried.

Zen Ergopedic Mattress from Memory Foam Warehouse set

“Sleep has been much improved”

The most pleasant surprise for me is the way I no longer roll down towards my heavier partner, with him claiming I am hogging the bed and me desperately clawing my way back across to my rightful side. He also added: “I don’t steal the covers anymore and my constant fidgeting is much improved.” These are things I would have attributed to the type of sleeper I was and presumed they had little to do with my mattress.

Our night’s sleep has been much improved. Aches and pains eased and the constant duvet steeling battle has finally been resolved – and I am pardoned of any blame (well almost).

All this makes the Zen Ergopedic Memory Foam Mattress a fine product that comes highly recommended.

The Zen Ergopedic Memory Foam Mattress (double) is available from Memory Foam Warehouse, £349.99

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