7 Reasons Why Quartzite is Wonderful for Your Home

7 Reasons Why Quartzite is Wonderful for Your Home main

7 Reasons Why Quartzite is Wonderful for Your Home

The increased popularity of natural stone among homeowners isn’t a coincidence. There are numerous benefits of using stone in the home that outweighs other traditionally-used materials. Quartzite, often confused with quartz, is a particular type of natural stone that you may want to consider when designing your home. It’s a type of metamorphic rock that is derived from sandstone. Discover why it is a marvellous choice for your home.

1. Simple Maintenance

Do you like the idea of keeping your kitchen or bathroom clean? With these countertops, you’ll discover that the surface is easy to maintain. As a material that isn’t porous, this stone is highly resistant to any staining or discoloration. All you’ll need is a quality stone cleaner and paper towels to get this kind of material clean. Just a damp paper towel will do the trick to get this surface clean. Keeping a home cleaned effortlessly can be a dream for anyone looking to spend more time with family. Your counters will look spotless at all times without much effort. If you have children, it can be almost impossible not to have a spill occasionally. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can spend some quality time together cooking a meal together in the kitchen.

7 Reasons Why Quartzite is Wonderful for Your Home surface

2. Durable and Long Lasting

When you are investing money in this quality stone, you’ll be happy to know it will last a long time. This may well be the last countertop you’ll ever have to buy. Did you know that this substance is harder than granite? It is also a suitable material that will withstand heat, so you can place a hot pan on it without causing any damage. Further, this type of natural stone is impact resistant, so you don’t have to worry if you drop a pot or pan on it. For many, the durability of this natural stone makes it desirable. For instance, the kitchen countertop is one of the areas in your home that gets the most action. You’ll be able to use this surface with confidence for years to come. Rather than spending money replacing your bathroom or kitchen countertop, you’ll have something that stands the test of time.

3. Increased Property Value

While using natural stone in your countertops will undoubtedly increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, it also increases property value. Have you ever wondered why a model home uses this type of material when potential home buyers walk through? In essence, it is worth the investment. Your home will instantly be worth more money when you decide to install quartzite. If you are selling your house, you can guarantee that buyers will be asking how your countertops are made. Damaged or outdated surfaces in your bathroom or kitchen could potentially disrupt an otherwise smooth sale for your property.

7 Reasons Why Quartzite is Wonderful for Your Home slab

4. A Style That Compliments Your Home

Choosing the stone for our homes isn’t done just because of its durability. As a homeowner, you want a functional and trendy space. According to Marble.com, quartzite can be found in several different colours and pattern schemes and can be the perfect attribute to any kitchen or bathroom. Many modern kitchens have quartzite countertops since it makes the room pop and gives it a sleeker appearance. Many individuals love the high-gloss finish that this substance provides, so it can create an impressive first impression for anyone who walks into your house.

5. Safety with Food and Chemicals

Quartzite is a solid surface that is not absorbent. If you’re cooking with raw foods you won’t have to worry about this natural stone holding in harmful substances, such as E-coli. As long as you keep your counters clean, this stone is very safe. It doesn’t absorb any bacteria or toxic agents that you will use in cleaning, such as bleach.

7 Reasons Why Quartzite is Wonderful for Your Home kitchen

6. Surprisingly Affordable

Elegance and beauty don’t have to break the bank. While this stone will cost you more money than wood or laminate, it’s less expensive than many kinds of marble. As this household option is becoming more admired, the price will continue to be affordable. Some slabs of quartzite can be found with starting prices of only 60 dollars per square foot. Many homeowners will consider this natural stone as a preferred option, and you will see it will become more accessible among different providers. A high-quality material at an affordable price is quite desirable for anyone designing their home.

7. Makes Your Home Unique

Every home has its own distinctive style. When you come into your home, it’s an expression of your personality and sense of style. Many of today’s homeowners use natural stone on counters to give their space a dressier and modern appeal. If you want your household to be different from the rest, using quartzite is essential. This natural stone will go well with any bathroom or kitchen because the material is able to easily adapt to any type of style.

8. A Stunning Material for Today’s Homeowners

It’s difficult picking a natural stone for your home since there are several options to choose from. However, quartzite stands out from the other stones due to its unique appearance, durability and affordable cost. Whether you’re a first time homeowner or are in the middle of a remodelling project, considering this amazing natural stone will add a fantastic element to your home for years to come. Now you can worry less about how to design your home and spend more time enjoying it.


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