Where to Buy Artwork?

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Humans are seen to be an unpredictable species but psychology has left no stone unturned. While art is indulged in for emotional gratification and a curiosity to learn more, buying art has more to do with the social benefits as well as the rush you get from owning something monumental.

Don’t worry, we’re not doubting your interest in art but just exploring other fields which will lead us to the place people prefer to buy art from. Museums are the parentage of art hoarders, the pillars of heritage, putting up flashy exhibitions of artworks to posterity to sprinkle knowledge.

Once the moth has been lured into the flame, museums leave them hanging since these places only sell the artworks in grand auctions. It’s not an option for the bourgeoisie and neither are there more copies of the Mona Lisa in museums which enthusiasts can spread. So, what do we do? Let’s find out.

Art Galleries are the real deal?

Medieval England saw the advent of art galleries and the sage has continued even till now. An art gallery is a haven for people who appreciate art in word and spirit and are interested in not just observing and pondering about the world views of famous artists but also taking a painting home.

Art galleries have become a hub for such buyers due to the aforementioned reasons as it makes one feel included in a bunch of people sharing the same interests. Other than a social community, it also invokes a feeling of cultural superiority and makes one feel distinguished especially when buying from an art gallery.

But with time, these emotionally directed factors have whittled down to the only convenience which came complementary in this fast-moving world. This combined with a sudden surge in virtualisation led to the origin of online galleries which have become the new and hip hotspot of buying a painting.
Are digital galleries the norm now?

Definitely! Art galleries selling masterpieces by famous artists have gone up a notch and 1st art gallery is a prime one out of the lot. This art gallery sells art online which are reproduced versions of classics, each one for everyone.

The world was swayed away by this due to multiple reasons, the major one being convenience, for now, people didn’t have to face rejection at gallery after gallery until they found the desired pieces for wall decor. Then, monetary benefits are more often applicable at online galleries and art is usually cheaper online. Even at 1st art gallery, all you’ve to do is put in your email ID and you’ll have all the exclusive offers and coupons in your inbox.

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Find the perfect piece

Let 1st art gallery take the lead with its smooth user-friendly interface, buying art online will be like a brisk walk. It has categorised art into sections of art movements, art genres, timeline, etc which make it easier to sift through the content.

If you’re a connoisseur and looking for art with a pastel colour palette and surreal depth to go with your living space, you’ll know that Impressionism is the section for you. The first that you’ll catch your attention is the description of the movement packed with major events, important artists and details many wouldn’t know so that way it’s a treat.

Now, you can choose from the classic Impressionists like Monet, Renoir, Pissarro and Cassatt whichever goes more with the hues of your space.

A healthy suggestion would be adding another classic to your place with a reproduction of Monet’s Water Lily Pond. Being a botanist, he was well acquainted with foliage and all things natural which can be seen mirrored in his work. The pastel palette is very well evident here with mystic beauty attached to it, courtesy to Monet’s cataract.

Now, for a novice buying art for the first time, it would be a safe decision to head over to the category of the ‘Top 500 paintings’ to make your pick. Mesmerising works of many famous artists will bless your gaze as you go through Monet, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, etc. A safe pick would be to go with neutral colours that go well if you’ve primary coloured walls.

A brilliant choice will be picking up this ethereal oil on canvas piece Blossoming Almond Tree by the legend, Vincent Van Gogh who is a forever green artist. His pieces never go unnoticed and will add a little too much charisma to your place. Following his repetitions of covering the sky, the color blue was adopted yet again as the beautiful background for these intricate patterns of branches which are seen as symbols of hope.

What about building buyer’s trust?

1st art gallery has got you covered in all fronts as the sample presented earlier along with many other such reproductions are spectacles of the excellence of this gallery and how it boasts of possessing artists capable of such worth replication of work.

Moreover, many testimonials are available on the website of the art gallery which new customers can refer to for evidence of brilliant work supplied as well as legitimate feedback.

Last but not the least, 1st art gallery as an art documenting body as well as the world’s largest supplier of made-to-order oil paintings back the reproductions with 100% money-back guarantee and a certificate of authenticity to ensure an enriched experience for its customers.


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